1. i used to play ranked back in the earlier seasons and here i am in like season 5004 or somethin and everyone is cheating. it is just blatant and i cant even type in chat afterwards now gamemode is lame. game died faster than my fish
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  2. Yeah, it's been like this for a while. Such a shame my favourite gamemode died in this way.
  3. Blame the admins / mods for not having fix the boosting meta when it was emerging
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  4. its funny how you tried to boost masters before and now you are complaining about staff not fixing boosting in ranked[​IMG]
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  5. i said when it was emerging, so now indeed high stats players do and did it bc its literally the meta and me getting boosted or not would have changed nothing u clown
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  6. It's funny how because someone boosted in the past you think they can no longer have an opinion.
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  7. But did it die faster than this fish?
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  8. can we get an F in the chat for Finlay's fat flaps?
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  9. Nice masters
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  11. Could someone please tell @BobbyJoeDoodle (who is seen above in this thread) to enable messages on the forums from me? Or to look at this message? I've been trying to contact them to clear up a misunderstanding for over a day now and it's been very difficult by myself.

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