1. Good Morning!

    I was in a lobby for bedwars and I noticed that a Hypixel player's username was "blqckgirl". I then noticed her white skin, and I asked her respectfully if she was white because her skin on her character was white. She then voluntarily disclosed that she is in fact white. If you NameMC this individual, you will see her white skin used for Minecraft. This puts a thought in my mind and asks a simple question. Is it okay to have a username that identifies a particular race, even when you do not make up that race? In her instance she is not "Black" she is "White", however her username is blqckgirl. I felt uneasy about this but I don't know if it is racist or not. Any thoughts??

    PLEASE keep in mind that this is a neutral topic so if you say anything racist, sexist, or engage in any inhuman act that belittles someone because of their race, gender, or any of those personal qualifiers people WILL see this and staff will act accordingly.

    This is an open-minded conversation.
    (Also I don't know where to post this so if it needs to be moved please tell me.)
    Respectfully and Curiously,
    Flop (Ultra)
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  2. You can be anything you want on the internet.

    Some people would rather create their own persona rather than completely mimicking your actual self. There is no real harm for someone to look any different from their real life counterpart.
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  3. Advesha

    Advesha Well-Known Member

    literally how would that be racist in any way at all
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  4. That's not necessarily racist lol...
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  5. Would it be racist if I were named 'bluegirl' and I wasn't in fact blue?

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  6. I mean, as long as they're not making usernames in skin that try to display certain races as superior or to mock other races, it shouldn't be anything to get too worked up about.
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  7. If it's not used inappropriately I don't see the problem. It's completely fine on the network.
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  8. Autistic_Kirby

    Autistic_Kirby New Member

    Guys if u use the word "thot" in ur name and ur not a thot its bannable.
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  9. Blqckgirl? Doesn't mean black have to be in a racial manner.

    Sorry, but "open minded conversation"? you made a lot of rules, then implies its freedom of speech.
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  10. Utterly ridiculous and pathetic thread.

    First of all, there are no 'ideas' or 'feedback' in this thread. It belongs in Hypixel Server Discussion.

    Is it okay to have a username that identifies a particular race
    Yes, there's no discrimination or bullying involved, which are reasons for a name not being allowed

    even when you do not make up that race?
    Are you seriously trying to bring in the nonexistent issue of 'cultural appropriation' into minecraft? Saying you cannot do something because of your race is racist in itself.

    In her instance she is not "Black" she is "White"
    No need to capitalise them, they're colours, like 'red' and 'blue'.

    I felt uneasy about this but I don't know if it is racist or not.


    Now tell me which part of that username displays prejudice, discrimination or antagonism against black people on the belief that white people are superior.

    What you've done is you've questioned a girl based on the colour of her skin, discriminating against her because of her skin colour, saying she's not allowed to have a certain name because of her race. You are the one who has discriminated against her, so you've been racist.

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  11. I sexually identify as black :)
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  12. Looks like the patrol ended kinda early.
  13. The internet is all about anonymity, you can be pretty much whatever you want, and a non-matching username and skin really isn’t noteworthy imo, unless it breaks the rules.
  14. It could be "blockgirl", but I assume it was already taken
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  15. I agree! Thanks!
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  16. Obviously you didnt read my post lol. I never said it was racist. Please reread and comment lol and next time pay attention to the post before you comment. I would've hoped you were smarter than this, but I was blatantly wrong.
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  17. :cool:
  18. Yeah I agree. Thanks man :D
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  19. I never said it though did I? Where in my post does it say "She's racist". Like I said to another guy, actually understand the post and reread it before you comment. You assuming I think it's racist when I never said it's racist is on you. Reread the post.
  20. How old are you. Some random person who did straightup nothing named themselves something in a videogame and you think your feelings matter that damn much that just over you seeing a username with a certain color before it you think that person should be punished because 'you're uneasy' stfu, no one cares if you're uneasy if you have a problem with people's skin colors and you have a problem with getting offended then go back to digging a hole in the ground with a spoon as you are clearly not past that age group, seems like it would bother you if the girl was white... ye so you don't have a problem with the name but with the person being born a certain skin color, ye if you have a certain skin color we have gotten to the point where triggered sjw rtards will rant in the forums saying you shouldn't be able to be born a certain race and have a name. For all you know maybe the color black doesn't even have something to do with race, maybe it's just to say dark or maybe she likes that color, I doubt it but if you're uneasy over someone white having a black ign, ye if you despite blackness or whiteness so much then move to a hometown where there are only ppl of your race and don't go online as racism isn't liked a lot here, I mean having something against someone for having a skin color because you were brain washed to think that way yet keeping it to yourself is one thing yet trying to get that person punished because what else could be your goal here for having a certain race is just scummy.
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