1. Hey there.

    Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop as to a recent patch we pushed to The Pit.

    Since release:
    • The game will now remember your preferred hotbar slots.
    • Nerfed Strength Chaining multiple times.
    • Cap bounties at 5k.
    • Added Bounty Hunter perk.
    • Add a cooldown between golden heads eat.
    • Remove diamond pants from the shop.
    • Increase price of diamond chestplate and boots, 200->250 and 100->150.
    • Now cannot place lava or blocks in the center of the pit.
    • Lowered price for triggered confirmation menu from 5,000g to 1,000g.
    • Prefer "not the hotbar" for extra picked up iron armor.
    • Don't let players drop their iron sword and bow.
    • Loosened collusion detection. (Less Reduced kills)
    The reasoning for most of these changes is that we think players accumulating 200 kill streaks is not fun for the victims. We will be monitoring the impact of these changes on top players and may buff or nerf the streaker perk style gameplay again.

    • Fixed coin pickups not spawning.
    • Specified that only leaderboards get reset weekly.
    • Fixed Hype not actually adding.
    • Fixed a cause for profile rollback. Sorry, we will not be issuing refunds for progress lost from this bug.
    • Auto-requeue on game update and scheduled reboots.
    • Fixed the bug where placing blocks on lava already in the map would remove the lava forever.
    • Fixed obsidian reducing its amount in the shop from the normal 8.
    Your bug reports on the Server Bugs Reports section were invaluable in uncovering the above. We are aware of many other bugs, but confirmation and extra video proof is always good.

    We are already at work on The Pit v0.2, which will bring new features to the table to keep the experience fresh.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
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  2. DrNose

    DrNose Well-Known Member

    Raid RAID
    Sounds like some good balancing changes, keep up the good work! People with like 400 kill chains were frustrating and not very fun to try and fight :p
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  3. Looks great! This has to be my favorite game atm due to the fact that there is nothing pw2 about it. Personally, I think this needs to be an official minigame...

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  4. Solfen_

    Solfen_ Active Member


    Guild Master
    1st PAGE BOYS! Also nice update!
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  5. V nice balances, RIP having a 4k streak thought, people will start to do massive damage
  6. Great! Very good and needed changes :) Love the gamemode :D
  7. Looks like some good changes, love the pit Mini, great game!!! :D
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  8. ShnutziPooQ

    ShnutziPooQ Active Member

    Nice update! Excited for The Pit v2.0 :D
    I think that watchdog is not working in that game since everyone faces so much hackers.
    Keep up the great and awesome work!
  9. Seems like some amazing changes. Love the game already :)
  10. F5n


    F5n Well-Known Member

    Unknowning U
    In my opinion, nerfing diamond armour means that you cant get a really high kill streak, therefore you cant really get the xp boost from these streaks which is a much better way to get xp than to just get it from jumping in the pit but with this update you cant get really high streaks anymore. Which makes jumping into the pit and randomly clicking for assist xp is the best option (which takes little skill and should not be the best way to gain xp)

    I think that diamond armour should remain the same as before the update, I think it was fine and you could still die with armour like that.

    Another thing, there should not be a cap for level, at any level because at some point people are going to reach it and then the leader-boards will only show the order of who has the most xp and it will not show how much xp one player is ahead of another.
    The levels should not have a limit, just become exponentially harder to gain levels.
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  11. Just an idea with gaining arrows, i think that for every kill that is above a 5 killstreak u get that amount of arrows (max 10)
    Eg. When u get 5 kills, u get 5 arrows. Once u hit 6 kills, u get 6 arrows etc etc. any number above 10 would give 10 arrows, and max total arrows would be 1 stack.

    I think this should be added because of people with high streaks most likely run out of arrows. ofc there might already be a system in place that i dont kno about lol if there is then just ignore this
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  12. Perfect changes, I will see in-game if its effect today. Hopefully, this gamemode will be out of PTL very soon. This gamemode is so awesome <3_<3

    I would say RIP to this bounty than;

    Was a good one c;
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  13. TheRealUnia

    TheRealUnia New Member

  14. IHackedJake

    IHackedJake Well-Known Member

    Ah hell yeah ;D

    Thanks for the update and listening to the community, not a bad update.
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  15. Asolem

    Asolem Well-Known Member


    Does this mean that levels will be reset too or how will leaderboards work?
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  17. crazykiller107

    crazykiller107 Active Member

    How many seconds for the golden head eat delay?
  18. adeel777

    adeel777 New Member

  19. rip bounties limit
  20. Advesha

    Advesha Well-Known Member

    V i b e s VIBES
    sounds good bruh

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