1. I was thinking about how most games you play, you can achieve quests and challenges which help you level up. Housing however, has no quests nor challenges, the only perk you get is the odd Hypixel level here and there.

    My thought was adding in some quests and challenges based on housing.

    Some examples could be:

    -spawning in your own housing world
    -spawning in someone else's world
    -giving a cookie/ giving all cookies
    -receiving a cookie/ receiving a number of cookies
    -guest entering your world/ number of guests enter your world
    -unlocking all blocks
    -renaming your housing
    -tagging your housing (eg, parkour, role play etc.)
    -and many other possible challenges + quests

    Just a suggestion, tell me what all your thoughts are :)
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  2. Isnt housing getting a complete revamp? That means there is a chance quests will be added in the 2.0 update.

  3. Yeah I know stuff is coming soon, would be great if quests became a thing :)
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  4. By challenges, do you mean achievement?
  5. I like how these suggestions don't turn housing into a competitive game. It's just doesn't feel right when someone tries to turn it into a challenge where everyone is trying to be better than everyone else. :D
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  6. Oh yeah, that too. I guess some of those suggestion would be better suited as achievements but still quests too :)
  7. Some of those exist, as achievements. But the achievements haven't worked for a VERY long time..
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  8. bob


    bob Well-Known Member

    This is actually a non cringy thread! I am interested in this idea :D
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  9. I dont really think that the housing 2.0 update is coming anytime soon since the vry begiining of housing its only benn really bug fixes and the Furniture feature has benn there for maybe 3 or 4 years now
  10. They just updated housing to a system that allows them to update it more frequently. Also features are getting tested at this time for the update, so it’ll be coming much sooner than you expect.
  11. Hmmm.. Interesting..
  12. _l_e_x_i_e_, achievements exist.

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