1. Depends.

    1. It’s with different people, but you may have the same people across certain classes. I have 7.5 periods (or blocks as you may call it, the .5 is for remediation/study hall).

    If you take all advance or all standard classes, you’ll probably have a lot of classes with a small group of kids, or not have that big of a diversity of kids between each class.

    2. By ourselves, but you can walk with friends/ significant others

    2.5. Lololol for me we rarely go to our homeroom. We don’t even report to our homeroom for attendance. We only go to homeroom a few times a year.

    It’s not like this for every school, though.
  2. 1. It's different people
    2. No
    2.5. No as well
  3. iKyoto

    iKyoto Well-Known Member

    Kyoto NRDD
    Just letting you know that the friends part wasn’t meant to be a question, but I phrased it wrong.
  4. PostSorcerer

    PostSorcerer Well-Known Member

    I had different classes with different people. The teachers did not lead us around, and my school didn’t have homeroom.
  5. Guatemalan

    Guatemalan Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, to be young again.
  6. Aroo

    Aroo Active Member

    1. Do you go around to different classes, in the same group all the time, or do you have different classes with different people?
    1a. Back when I was in middle school, there were different classes with different people, you get used to them due to being with them for months

    2. Are you led around to different classrooms by a teacher, or do you just go around by yourself, or with friends.
    2a. We never really had teachers "led us" to classes but depending on if you were introverted or extroverted, you would go either alone or with a friend, unless the person had a disability and needed teacher or staff assistance

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