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    This is just a QUESTION, will MM achievements, be named after actual crimes, forensic investigation, famous murderers, and famous crimes committed?

    An example: Manslaughter is achieved, by getting 50 kills as murderer.
    Another example: Vigilante is achieved, by killing the murderer as a innocent.
    Last example: Case Solved is achieved, by being detective and win, through the murderer running out of time.

    Thanks for all responses:D

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  2. That would be very cool
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  3. noice
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  4. I made a massive thread suggesting a bunch of achievements but I cant find it.
  5. Question.
    Why the heck does having the cop arresting everyone equals to case solved. Detective didn't need to do anything.
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  6. Answer: It simply doesnt equals to that.
  7. That is actually really cool.
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