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    Hey hey,

    As we've mentioned before in other news posts, we are working on the Classic Games update that will not only improve your gameplay experience, but also remove a ton of pesky bugs you've seen over the time. You can visit the

    to see what else we're releasing in the future and to follow up on what we have previously released.

    Carry on reading to learn about all the changes and additions to Quakecraft or play it right now by clicking the Classic Lobby NPC, game menu icon, or using the command /lobby classic!

    ▶ New Map: Apex 3

    Test your reflexes on this map featuring several levels and close corners.

    We have also replaced "Ancient" with a revamped version!

    ▶ New Shop Layout


    The new Quakecraft shop layout was designed by the community to allow players to navigate their unlocks faster. You will now be able to choose your Dash Cooldown immediately upon opening the menu while still getting access to all the menus from the old layout.

    We have also made the following changes to the shop:
    • Removed Dash Power Upgrades (refund pending)
      We have set the default to Dash Power V for everyone
    • Removed Classy Hat (refund pending)
      The Classy Hat was removed to make space for the new Showoff Hat
    • Changed the default Trigger to 1.3s
    • Changed Trigger icon to a wood button to make it stand out more
    • Changed Quakezodia pants requirements
      • Get 5k kill streaks
      • Unlock "What just happened?" achievement
    ▶ Introducing: Beams


    We have added a popular community request: Beams!
    Once you select a beam, it will replace the default firework sparks with any particle of your choice. They are available now in the Quakecraft shop!

    Click the spoiler below to see all the Beams!
    • Firework Sparks (default)
    • Critical Hit - 1k
    • Love (Hearts) - 5k
    • Green Stars (Happy Villager) - 7.5k
    • Smoke - 10k
    • Cloud - 20k
    • Bookworm (Enchantment Table Letters) - 35k
    • Purple Stars (Witch Magic) - 50k
    • Rainbow (Colored Redstone Dust) - 75k
    • Thunderclouds (Angry Villager) - 100k
    • Flames - 150k
    • Bubbles - 350k
    • Notes - 500k

    ▶ New Kill Prefixes


    You can now choose between your unlocked Kill Prefixes in the shop. Equip the Showoff Hat in the armor menu to have your Kill Prefix display on your hat in-game!

    Click the spoiler below to see the new list of Kill Prefixes!
    • Dark Grey (default)
    • Gray - 25k
    • White - 50k
    • Dark Green - 75k
    • Yellow - 100k
    • Green - 200k
    • Blue - 300k
    • Aqua - 400k
    • Light Purple - 500k
    • Dark Purple - 600k
    • Red - 750k
    • Gold - 1m

    ▶ Gameplay Changes
    We have changed several aspects of the gameplay based on community feedback.
    • Idling players will now be kicked to the lobby after 30 seconds of inactivity (there is a loud warning sound about 10 seconds before you get kicked)
    • Parties with more than 8 players can now join compatible maps
    • Adjusted default value for the following settings:
      • Instant Respawn: Enabled
      • Kill Prefix: Enabled
    • New settings menus:
      • Menu to choose Kill Prefix color
      • Menu to choose which messages are shown in chat (all are enabled by default)
        • Your Kills
        • Your Deaths
        • Others' Kills/Deaths
        • Killstreaks
        • Multi-Kills
        • Powerup Collections
        • Coin Messages
    • Players can now use redstone- & lapis-pads during pre-game
    • Reduced rubber-banding when using pads
    • Changed "God walking among mere mortals" tier requirements (top will be 25)
    ▶ New Achievements
    We've added new achievements adding up to a total of 105 new achievement points!
    • What just happened? - 15
      Win a game in under a minute
    • Beyond incredible - 15
      Win a game with 100% accuracy in Solo mode
    • Heavy shoulders - 10
      Win a game with 35 or more kills on your team
    • Double Trouble - 10
      Get two double kills in a row
    • Tubular - 10
      Equip the full Disco suit
    • Squish - 10
      Win a game with the Worm
    • Think fast! - 10
      Kill a player within 5 seconds of the game starting
    • I liek turtles - 5
      Win a game with the Turtle
    • Thanks, Grandma! - 5
      Win a game with the Cookie Cannon
    • Not today! - 5
      Kill someone that has activated the rapid fire powerup before they get any kills
    • Fabulous win - 5
      Win a game wearing a full set of colored armor
    • Minigun - 5
      Get 3 or more kills with the same rapid fire powerup

    ▶ Bug Fixes
    We have fixed the following bugs in this update:
    • Fixed "Want a wardrobe with that?" and "Baking a Dozen" achievements
    • Fixed all known achievement typos
    • Fixed website game stats showing wrong game duration
    • MVP++ color will now display correctly in the scoreboard
    • Leaves will no longer decay on Karunesh
    • The scoreboard will now stop counting down when the game is over

    Special thanks to the Quakecraft community for helping us create this update: Update Proposal, Community Update Ideas, and everyone who reported bugs on the forums.

    We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible!
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  7. Nice! Im sure everyone appreciates the hard work the staff put into this :)
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    I'm in my bed on forums... I must be dreaming... Oh my god... More Classic games...

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    Thanks for all the work you guys do :D
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    straight up remove ancient tbh
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  18. YES, YES, AND YES. The long awaited update has arrived, and the HYPE has begun!

    > I'm actually really excited for the timer not being able to continue after the game ends. ^-^
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