1. Pureloor was that 1 person and it was a false ban
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  2. Blotterie

    Blotterie Member

    Alt accounts do not have an advantage.
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  3. wad


    wad Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUTS
    congratulations on getting minecraft point because incompetent staff bans people who don't break any rules whatsoever
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  4. Agree about misssir

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  5. Pureloor got false banned so you could be top 100. You do not deserve top 100 and you definitely don’t get to thank staff for false banning him.
  6. i don't know anything about the ban, i don't even know who it was. i'm happy that i got what i got. i'm sorry if i was off-putting or rude, i'm just really happy with my placement.
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  7. Blotterie

    Blotterie Member

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  8. woah I got too 100 I’m so cool. But somehow every person for the next 50 positions has less wins than me or around the same. Makes since great point system
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  9. Caleb

    Caleb Well-Known Member

  10. _W6B_

    _W6B_ Active Member

    Bridgers BRIDGE
    GG to all the boosters that let their 5 guildmates get 24 and one scores the 25th
  11. Rip pureloor
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  12. They should have tracked godlikes cause I got 1 when I dropped down to diamond on demonic.
  13. I am surprised that top 100 wasn't 8.5k like I predicted at the start of the tourney. GM dodging when done optimally can give upwards of 8999 points (this assumes 25 kills in the wins you will get in your starter bracket, gold bracket, diamond bracket, and the win in masters you will get for the last game as well as 24 kills in each Master game. theoretically you could get 9000+ if you get 26+ kill wins). It was also very safe as many people were doing it and you could usually bet on them to get 24 kills. at least I get to flex on my friends now for knowing how to camp and abuse spawn prot on Apex xd!
  14. residentsleeper
  15. Nice! Congrats to everyone who made it on the leaderboard. :)
  16. Please fix the nether in SpeedUHC, you spawn over a void and the portal blocks are mineable. It's been multiple months now
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  17. I agree I can’t kill an enderman for the ap cause this bug
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  18. When the overall hit to miss ratio was 1:2
  19. free pureloor
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  20. tfw you don't correct a mistake you made even though you acknowledge it to make things "fairer"
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