1. hi so i want apply to staff on hypixel hi we're i do write to staff to get? :) im 17 and i been played minecraft for 3 years and. i like server this and im hope to become taff her. Alos my bro got new account know so he play agani. ​
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  2. Enera

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    cHack yur grandmar.

    Is this the language that you speak?
  3. You don't apply here. And I seriously hope you aren't 17. I would be very concerned if you actually are. Please check your grammar.
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  4. Loqiical

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    I don’t think English is his main language...
  5. Omg, it's this guy again.
  6. Judging by your grammar/spelling, I'd assume you were 6, not 17 xD
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  7. Hmm, your username includes '2011' in it, so I'd assume you were born in that year, supporting my idea of you being 6 ;)
  8. UmmoBear

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    This has to be an alt.
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  9. wtf
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  10. "qestion"





    i see what you did there
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  11. I am just going to say

    I agree with banana man on this
  12. I am just going to say

    I agree with banana man on this
    ugh stupid double post ignore this its dumb
    whenever i delete 1 it deletes both
  13. uhhhh, nah, I'll pass
  14. xD
  15. Deleted_

    Deleted_ Member

    ..no you don't.. you really, really don't..
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  16. Umm... dude... If you even are 17... then CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR. I can hardly even make out what you type. And I'm just a kid! :O
    This is ridiculous. I honestly think you're 6 years old because of that grammar and spelling.
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  17. -Facepalm-
    Write like a 17 year old would.
    Or I'm just gonna say you're 6 years old because you write like one. ._.
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  18. Hey! This is the Murder Mystery chat, so not the place to apply for staff :eek:. The real place is in this forum : https://hypixel.net/forums/apply-for-staff.40/ . However, Hypixel has a lot of other people applying, so you may want to work on your grammar and forum knowledge to have a better chance of being accepted. If you really are 17, go for it and good luck. However, if this is just a troll, just know this isn't funny, and next time don't try posting jokes like this, especially on a forum for Murder Mystery. If you are just a serial prankster, I hope you stop since this is pointless and annoying but post it in https://hypixel.net/forums/off-topic.2/ or https://hypixel.net/forums/introduce-yourself.20/ (I think at least xD).
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  19. Is this a troll post?
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  20. Says english isnt primary language*

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