1. So i have a fully working console thing to look up stats (so far just bw)
    and i want to organize like plancke.io and all the others with guis and drop down / spoiler things

    does anyone know how to make a spoiler so like i can keep it as print(playerJSON['stats']['bedwars']['stat'])
    but have it only show if i click on it
  2. For me tkinter doesn't seem to work in python.
    Do you have github page with this? Is it open source?
  3. So what gui framework do you use?
    I haven't put it on git hib yet but I will when i am done and yes... github means open source
  4. I am pretty much between starter and advanced. I don't really use GUIs at all. I think PyQt5 is good (you need designer program for it)
    Started python like 3-4 months ago. Before that I was only making IF INPUT IS IDKWTF THEN PRINT HELLO WORLD AHHAHAHA IM CODER.
    Now I can make more complex things
  5. AFAIK plancke.io is written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. It's a bit more simple to create GUIs using them, at the expense of having to learn a ton of languages.
  6. Yeah ik html is so simple
    Will I have to reprint it? Because I already have it set to print everything but so many of the guis have there own type of text for gui
  7. #8
  8. I'm dying
    GitHub != Open Source as you can have private repositories

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