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    Hello, today me and @Wire Segal are here to show you a new wrapper for the HypixelAPI. It is written in python. (MAJOR credit goes to Wire!)

    There is a .tar.gz file available to download with setup.py on the site itself,and there is also a GitHub repo!

    So, without further ado, here it is:

    Post any bugs you find here or on the Github repo, or even anything you want added and it may just come your way ;)

    Happy coding :)

    ~ @Wire Segal and @ЋDestruc7i0n
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  2. Wire Segal

    Wire Segal New Member

    Woo, guys, have fun! I tried to make it as professional as possible. Ping me for any suggestions, preferrably on twitter (@wiresegal).
  3. RobertXDB

    RobertXDB Active Member

    This seems to be really cool :D Can't wait to learn Python. I'm learning Java and HTML right now.
  4. Awesome! I hope you like it, it is pretty easy to use and install (credit to Wire!)
  5. Here is an example for people to get started with:
    import pypixel
    import json
    api = pypixel.HypixelAPI(<your key>)
    printable = json.dumps(api.userByName("destruc7i0n"), indent=4, separators=(',', ': '))
    print printable
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  6. RobertXDB

    RobertXDB Active Member

    thx m8
  7. Wire Segal

    Wire Segal New Member

    duuuuude, don't give out your api key
    EDIT: thanks for fixing

    anyway, the api calls return a dictionary object. if you use python, you'll know what that means.
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  9. Wire Segal

    Wire Segal New Member

    Major update: you can now use multiple keys to expand your API usage, with the MultiKeyAPI class. Use it like the HypixelAPI class.
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  10. Update:

    Added Player class -> faster stats fetching
    Added leaderboards and uuid classes -> again faster stats
    Redid MultiKeyAPI
  11. Hey, um I have no idea how to install this because I don't know where the folder it says to go to is...
  12. Download/clone the repo, enter the downloaded/cloned repo and pip install.
  13. Enclusion

    Enclusion Member

    is this still good? sorry for necro but I am working on a project with python
  14. It still works, just that its missing the watchdog API iirc
  15. Hum I have an issue with your creation and I've opened an issue in your GitHub page quite sometime ago and nobody answered it yet. Sorry for necro but it's quite urgent.
  16. Pls add some examples for this wrapper!

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