1. I got the pyro kit for solo and right when I got it Minecraft crashed. So I logged back in and it was gone. I tried restarting again and still didn't work. I don't have any proof bc it crashed right away. I am telling the truth. My friends have lied and got the kit. So I was wondering if I can get the kit. But in telling the truth. Plz help
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  2. I believe you. It happened to me too with the speed boost perk for solo a long time ago. Fortunately I got it again since then.
  3. Pilxes

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    The admins won't believe you because the Server will save data, so a Client side crash won't effect it. Nice try, kid. :/
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  4. And sorry, but there is nothing they can do about it now. You will have to find it again if you have no proof. I had no proof either and had to find it again.
  5. coul you get it for me?
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  6. I cannot
  7. Ferret_Bandit

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    You can try to contact Hypixel support but I doubt you will get it.
  8. But let's be honest, that kit is OP in normal, you might as well give everybody else a chance and go with Speleologist...
  9. I don't play normal often
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  10. I would give you a dislike if I didn't use all of mine. You don't have proof that he didn't get it. He very well may have. I mean the admins will never do anything about it so why would you be such a jerk?
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  11. This isn't possible as far as I know. When you use the soul well, the server instantly decides what you get. The rolling is just an animation.
    Proof: If you look at your coins when you use the soul well, you can see them go up before the animation finishes.
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  12. Well maybe it froze on that item, when in fact, the small bags of coins above the kit is what he got. That's the only explanation I see that would validate his story if what you say about the server is true (which I believe is correct).

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