1. In case nobody bothered to check themselves recently, you can now put a Super Compactor 3K into a fishing minion as of a few days ago.

    Maybe I'm just late to the party on it but this is a massive godsend.

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  2. FlEX
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  3. Pyriz

    Pyriz Active Member

    Hijack HIJACK
    why do you fish so much
  4. Gotta make my mark on skyblock somehow right? :rolleyes:
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  5. Pyriz

    Pyriz Active Member

    Hijack HIJACK
    why do you not kill squids
  6. 13.6k lily pads
    143 ink sacks
    am I seeing this right
  7. People have noticed that before, but I actually have like 2+ double chests filled with inc sacs I've gotten myself. They just didnt count for my collection for some reason, gonna assume it's just bugged
  8. It's bait ring time
  9. mooedr

    mooedr Active Member

    How many titanics and shredders did you get?
  10. Too many titanics to count which is what made me my millions. Also only one shredder surprisingly, though I did get tonnes of skull drops instead.
  11. hmu with a free champ rod <3
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  12. Too busy investing in fish sorry <3
  13. I've finally found the man with #1 in Raw Fish Collection!
    Do you happen to know who is 2nd?
  14. JiaxinXu

    JiaxinXu Active Member

    Just tried it a month ago lol
  15. Not a clue, I just shot straight past whoever it was like a month ago so I imagine he wasn't using fishing minions at all.

    Also go ahead and post on the leaderboard forum post now that I know whos also got good rankings :D
  16. very nice to see the #1 but i cant help to be a little suspicious in a way. No offense but o_O upload_2019-9-15_23-3-3.png upload_2019-9-15_23-3-58.png
  17. Constant fishing minions for nearly 2 months will net you those stats. Nothing to be suspicious about really, I haven’t used a different minion on this profile since they added sea creatures or some time around then
  18. Yeah, the thing is though, that I've had 15 ELava'd Fishing Minions for over a month now, (evidenced by 532k Raw Fish), and I would say I've only ever gotten max 300k exp from my minions. I've got 19k lily pads in my collection, and I'm barely even fishing 25? I'm really struggling to figure out how you got all this fishing exp, without the lily pads.

    2019-09-16_18.47.36.png 2019-09-16_18.47.41.png
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  19. I always fish on my island, which explains the low lily pads :rolleyes:

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