1. Many people are getting hacked ( @FizFez is a reasonably well known example ) and for your account's safety, I recommend you change your password.

    A few tips:

    --> 16 characters minimum.
    --> Have as little as possible open on your computer when you change your password. (This reduces the risk of your password being keylogged. If you don't think you have any keyloggers on your computer, still do this just in case.)
    --> Include letters (both upper and lower case), numbers, and symbols.
    --> If a mod requires your password, DON'T USE IT. [Replay Mod is fine as it uses a separate password exclusively for the mod]
    --> [thanks @Panophobia] Don't click suspicious links. Please. (including but not limited to: Free OptiFine Cape, Free Ranks, Free Alts etc). Use your common sense with this one.
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  2. Panophobia

    Panophobia Active Member

    also never click a link ever, its bad news
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  4. I like these tips, but who is FizFez? xD
  5. 0utf1t

    0utf1t Active Member

    I also suggest scanning your PC just to be sure, I personally recommend Malwarebytes for this.
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  6. This was just meant to be a reminder as many accounts are being hacked right now.
    Frequently appears in @ThirtyVirus videos and streams. Literally just got hacked. On ThirtyVirus's stream.
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  7. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Tags a new member.
    Yes he is probably well known in the bedwars community. Go post there instead.
  8. Thanks for the information ovo
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  9. Moderators please pin this thread...
  10. Actually Skyblock. I feel though that posting here would allow more people to see. He doesn't use the forums afaik.
  11. They should pin it, couldn't agree more
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  13. Too late for me. Now I'm banned 30 days for no reason...

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