Should all members have furnace protection?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Unsure

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  1. Furnace protection should be for all players! The current situation is unfair; only VIPs acquire furnace protection. I have many close friends, of whom are not VIP. These friends have had iron robbed from their furnaces countless times! As a VIP, I don't need to fret about my iron, but that of others is in grave danger. I realize that furnace protection has a radius of one block, and remains even if the furnace is removed, until the walls decline. I suggest that the furnaces should have protection just for clicking upon them, to prevent furnace traps. It also would be a big improvement if the protection was removed upon the action of the furnace being destroyed. I also realize that if all members had protection, some of these people will surround you in furnaces to trap you. To prevent that you could set up a way for non-VIPs to earn protection. I just think that the protection should be re-thought. It's only fair that non-VIPs can acquire protection, otherwise they could have iron stolen and not want to come on the server again. If an admin reads this, take into consideration that having iron stolen is much more common, and agonizing, than the slim chance of a player who attempts to surround you in furnaces. I hope that you agree, if not please tell me why so that I can improve upon this argument.

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  2. I go with this! I hate it when my non-VIP friends have a furnace full of iron then someone just comes and steals the whole stack! I am with him!
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  3. Cool.
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  4. Stone123

    Stone123 Well-Known Member

    Yes but if not then it teaches people to be more careful and to put up with jerks.
  5. I talked to Bulldog about this very issue and he is hopefully talking about it with the admins. I personally believe it is a good choice. However with more of a motive to donate they may only allow 1-2 protected furnaces for regular players and 4- infinite for VIPs.
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  6. yoyoew101

    yoyoew101 Member

    I agree with Sneaky_Wabbit I think that non-VIPS should have a limited amount of available protection so that it can still remain a VIP feature
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  7. Indeed, that is a terrific idea :)
  8. I think that if it's possible, all furnaces should be protected UNTIL THE WALLS FALL. That is all. :)
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  9. what if theres timer to the protection on your funace if you non-vip like 1-2 min
  10. Please don't necropost.
  11. ?...oh sorry just trying to get my point out :(

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