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  1. Maybe your mod, but what about others? did NoxyD checked all autotipper mods around to see if they were clean and if they should continue their work? why there is a special treatment for yor mod specially?
    You said it yourself, ppl can just create their own.
    So I can say killaura should be allowed as everybody can download a hacked client?
    Killaura and macro are on the blacklisted modifications, so they're the same.

    You see the issue now?
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  2. Because I was the only one going public with it. All the other autotip mods were both worse, and only for their guilds and such.
    Autotip is allowed, killaura isn't. This isn't a fair comparison. A fair comparison would be boosters vs autotip, since they both accomplish the same thing. One costs money, one doesn't. Pretty simple really...
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  3. They both give an advantage over ppl who don't have it, so the comparaison it's fair, and OFFICIALLY from the rules thread, macro are under blacklisted modification too.
    So unless they change that, they are in the same category.
  4. Officially, autotip is allowed. I never said that you had to like autotip. I just asked that you stop hating on people for making a choice to use it. I understand your point about it being a macro, and you're correct if taking the rule book at face value. But we both know that it's allowed, even if discouraged, and all I need you to do is understand that.
    So I'm going to end this debate, although it has been fun, since I clearly won't change your opinion about anything, and this was not the intention of the thread.
  5. We've rolled out the level 15 minimum to being tipped. You need to restart your game to be in the tipping pool again, even if you're over level 15.
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  6. I'm over level 100. I've restarted many times in the last week. I am not receiving any tips, only sending. I am using Autotip-2.0.3 on 1.8.9.
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  7. I have a question. Is autotip not compatible with Forge 1.12.2? If so, why? I use 1.12.2 all the time and I don't know how to install a different forge version alongside this one.
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    Please do not post on old threads. As stated on the Autotip Twitter (, we have disabled the tipping network.

    It has not been updated to support 1.12. If you go to the forge website, you can download a specific version of forge.
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  9. Locked for necro.
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