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  1. Glad to hear all the positive feedback. I will try to write these changes tonight, but of course most people on here won't be affected by them (unless I break everything by accident :p)
  2. no you're p2w
  3. Sk1er

    Sk1er Well-Known Member

    The Foundation F
    I'm ready to not be the only one who makes the player count go to zero
  4. I like it:D
  5. I support this, as an autotip user
  6. Using macro was not enough, now it's gonna help hackers.

    GG autotip, you're the best thing that happened to Hypixel./s
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  7. That is literally the opposite of what this post is about. I know you just love to hate autotip, but that's not a valid reason.
  8. It's still gonna help them+it's gonna help you(autotip users) even more....
  9. Why would it still help them more than them manually typing /tip all? And what exactly is the problem with helping autotip users when it's completely free and open to anyone? You could benefit from it just as much as anyone else, yet you choose not to. If you don't want to, that's your choice, but don't hate on others for making a different choice.
  10. I don't use it because it's a macro(blacklisted modification) and it give advantages only by staying afk all day everyday.(+ the staff don't like autoptip, but you're just enjoying and abusing the fact that they can't really block it.
    If tmr I create a mod that use macro and didn't give any advantage, it's gonna be a blacklisted mod.

    Here is my problem.
  11. Echks

    Echks Well-Known Member

    or just literally disable the entire autotip for those under 15
  12. They can go find another one if they do thay
  13. There are over 30 staff members that actively use autotip, and we make the server a lot of money for free. I'm not sure where you got the idea that they can't block it, they definitely could if they wanted to but choose not to since it helps the server. In fact, many times the admins have told us personally that they like the mod and think we're doing a good thing for the community.

    While I don't disagree that it is technically a macro, there is a very confusing set of rules regarding that. For example, chat triggers is an allowed mod, which can easily create macros without any knowledge of coding. 5zig is another mod that is specifically allowed and has the creation of macros incredibly easily. I don't see you hating on those mods too. All we are doing is supporting the boosters of the server, which the general community, the staff, and the admin all see as a good thing.
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  14. Echks

    Echks Well-Known Member

    for the server, yes
    for economy...
  15. There's not really another public working one right now simply because there is no need, but they could probably create their own pretty easily. That's why we're turning off the tipping pool; it's a special feature of that no other autotipper could pull off without the player base we have.
  16. LOL really?????
    Sad that these mods se autip, sad or shame, I'm not sure.
    Hypixel choosing to not enforce a rule is something, abusing it is another thing.
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  17. Alongside xp parties and boosters. The difference is ours is free and open to anyone, the other two are only accessible by a certain portion of the community, who want to spend money on a block game. Sure, it's unfair to non-autotip users, but no one is stopping you from using it, unlike the other two.
  18. The first link was on May 28, 2015, wayyy before we came around. Before that his message was true, but we built up trust in the community, so people knew nothing bad was going to happen. The second was before the tipping change. On the day the tipping change happened, NoxyD talked to me in teamspeak and explained how they liked the mod, and told me that I should keep on developing it.

    Also, I don't see how we're abusing it if it's open to everyone. Sure, if it was only open to a select portion of the community, I would actually agree with you, but since anyone can use it, I don't really see it as an issue.
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  19. skull client
  20. As far as I'm aware that is currently not currently allowed, due to them distributing the minecraft client. Their client only does /tip all anyways. We've been in talks for a while about integrating our system into their mod, but the dev has been busy rewriting everything to be officially allowed.
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