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  2. theres also a 15 second cooldown between uses
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  3. you cant have an economy where there is no end amount that somebody can achieve
  4. Spidyyyy

    Spidyyyy Well-Known Member

    They should keep the blitz coins pack exclusive to the blitz tourny, else way too many randoms will get free blitz coins, without even playing the game
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  5. They will only do it if they’re interested in blitz and decent at pvp, i don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s not like they’d use all their tributes on it unless they play the game
  6. I'm not complaining because I want level ix's. Tbh it probably gets more people to play blitz, as the "I don't have a good kit" excuse doesnt work when if you are decent you have a level ix
  7. Went from 400k-800k.
  8. so you’d prefer to have people with 400 kills get 3 10s?
  9. 200k->600k reporting in
  10. That was cause the blitz tourney gave blitz coins as ranking rewards, staying there for tributes is 400k for most blitz players which seems pretty fair.
  11. but this isn’t a blitz tourney this is a skywars tourney so therefore it should give skywars coins? im not sure if the tribute shop has skywars coins but the point is it’s ridiculous to easily get a 10 without playing a second of blitz nor even spending a cent of your irl money on the hypixel store

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