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  1. Hi, I feel like The social update could've been better, This thread will be improving the My profile In-game.

    (Keep in mind, this what you might expect so please don't be mad at me)

    Profile ideas

    1: Add a command example /Myprofile, This will let you see your profile during in game and lobbies and other places as well. (Not sure if this is a thing)

    2: Add a command example /Myprofile <name>, This will let you look at other people profiles just like the idea I mention above ^^.

    3: Total views and Monthly views. There can be a paper (map) You cannot click it but you can hover your mouse on it and it will say Total views and Monthly views, This is great to see how many people look at your profile every month.

    4: When you do /Myprofile <name>, There will be a new item, (clock) saying if they are playing or not. There will be a option to make it say what game you're playing.

    5: Make it so people can like your profile, it will not do anything but it will give you a alert if someone likes it. "<NAME> Liked your profile!" there will be a other item as well to like it. (Reason why there isn't a dislike is so people wouldn't get hurt or anything like that)

    6: People can comment on your profile, if its death threats you can report it. you can view this by clicking a item and you can look at the comments by clicking the paper.

    more coming soon.
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  2. yes, we need more ways to socialize and not go outside
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  3. I liked it! :)
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  4. Ehhhhhh....
    We don't really need forum profiles ingame tho
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  5. Very nice thread steven!
    I just wanted to comment on one for once and say to you and all other people that make these threads and possibly think they won't be looked at.
    Fear not I will take a peek at every thread in this section and bookmark the ones that need bookmarking ;)
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  6. I assumed you meant the social menu profile and not the forum profile, whoops.

    We need this now! Forget the forum implementation, focus about the in-game possibilities!
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  7. Thanks!

    I was thinking about quitting making ideas a month or so ago because I know nothing will be added but I just can't stop making ideas..

    I love making ideas and glad people enjoy them. :p
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  9. Kbz


    Kbz Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Interesting idea :D! However, this does seem kind of redundant because this is what the forums is for.
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  10. Cool! Although maybe add an option to choose who can comment (everyone, only g members, only friends)?
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  11. My signature says otherwise. :(
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  12. _X_Bow_

    _X_Bow_ Well-Known Member

    It would be cool if you could make one of those mini maps like in murder mystery for your profile but I don't know how that would be done
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  13. That's not exactly what I meant.
    I got the impression that the thread was suggesting a new type of profile, exclusive to being ingame. That seems kinda redundant when the forums are a thing. Your idea of integrating forum profiles ingame is a pretty cool one honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing what the devs could do with that. I just don't see much point in a new type of profile that isn't the forums / directly linked to the forums, that's all.
    Sorry if that came off as disagreeing with your thread, wasn't my intention!
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  14. Like a avatar?

    It would be cool if there is already custom ones made by the build team.

    Like a heart, a "Hi!", A happy face, A default gets only 3 avatars and a mvp+ gets all of the avatars that hypixel currently has.
  15. I was just joking but ye. :p
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  16. 1- Yes pls but instead of /myprofile make it just /profile or /playerprofile because "Myprofile" would be only for your own profile lol

    2- Same as 1

    3- Add "Lifetime Views" or "Total Views" aswell

    4- Instead of a clock I suggest the good old Dye System:
    Lime Dye = Online (Hover over it to see game or lobby theyre on)
    Gray Dye = Offline (Hovering will show you when their last login was) (Also allow players to set this one on purpose like Discord's "Invisible" status option, useful for staff members and youtubers)
    Orange Dye = AFK (Hovering over it will explain that AFK means they are in Limbo)

    5- inb4 people start likefarming their own profiles with alts xD

    6- Please no, would be a really complex and buggy system as I see it, would allow players to throw hate and offenses at others and would just end up being bad overall and I doubt many people would waste their time in-game to write stuff on people's profiles.
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  17. I'll change it soon. (hopefully)
    I did it says "Total views and Monthly views" unless if you meant something else.
    Good idea!
    Not like "likes" going to matter in-game xD
    People write comments in housing though c:

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