1. I had just got an idea the team upgrades prices should go down as you lose players on your team. so basically if you where playing 4v4v4v4s then the price would go down by one quarter 3v3v3v3s the price would go down by one third. doubles the price would go down by half and then solos the price would not go down at all. so yeah that was my idea!
  2. MasterDogee

    MasterDogee Well-Known Member

    the dia gens spawn like 8 diamonds on 3s or 4s maximum though that’s why team upgrades are double
    probably wouldn’t work on any gamemode without being op
  3. So in doubles wool will be 2 iron
  4. hes talking about upgrades. did you even read the thread xd
  5. A similar system for certain upgrades is already in place. Ex: Sharp is 8 dias in 3s & 4s, but only 4 in solo & doubles. I really don't think any more balancing is needed, especially seeing how well these all work. It's really just not needed.
  6. Whoops I read to fast.

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