1. Like the title suggests, this will be a bunch of threads exploring lots of different grinding possibilities in a bhopper infested pit, these grinding methods are ALL slower than moc 6 obby box, but they don't require godly mystics or protection 1. Since I find myself telebowing to the lava maze every 5 minutes, It's better to start investing into these grinding methods before it's too late. This time, it'll be about aqua pants and fishing.

    1. Aqua Pants

    There are many different aqua pants enchants that help grinding, the main ones being:

    -Luck of the pond
    -Portable Pond

    If you're just going for gold, trophy fishing is a fairly efficient way to get it, unite with combo xp will get you the xp you need (kung fu might work too, but I don't have a combo xp to test it).

    However, gold farms go far beyond that, you can have multiple accounts, 1 account has its inventory filled and fishes with trophy, and another with trinkle down pebble 3 and max renown gold boost and upgrades gold boost, this is a much more efficient setup that will get you a LOT of gold.

    A problem with this, is that a bhopper can simply hop on you while you're fishing, which is where portable pond comes in, using the drop glitch you can get an inventory of buckets on the trophy account, each bucket can place 4 blocks of water which each last for 30 minutes, so assuming you have 2 slots full, 1 for fishing rod and 1 for 64 obsidian, you've got over an hour of safe fishing (the obsidian will last you several hours with build battler 5)

    2. Fishing Club

    If you don't upgrade fishing club, you SHOULD (untested) get gold every time you fish, but you won't get the +20% fishing speed upgrade. If you don't max it out on the fishing account, you'll farm gold SLIGHTLY faster since you won't get aqua pants.

    This is it for part 1, fairly simple, but the grinding techniques will get better and more complex as the episodes go on.
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  2. on elements, there's still an area you can reach behind barriers in water

    in seasons, going into the cave and blocking up with obby instead of using portapond might be more worth it, i doubt a bhopper will care enough to get mineman

    on corals, i believe you can fish from that one gap in the barriers by the octopus, I'm not 100% sure though
  3. Actually, while testing these, I got hopped on twice, the first time I was at the entrance of the lava maze so he hit me through blocks and I died, the 2nd time I learned from my mistakes and this time blocked up somewhere safer, but I forgot to replace the obsidian, I still survived tho bc the bhopper had no obby so I just built up and there was nothing he could do.

    Just goes to show how bad the bhopper problem is, I got hopped on twice at the lava maze, which is where you usually go to when you're being chased by bhoppers. Btw how far behind the barriers can you go? I want to have space to build and I don't want ppl to see which farming method im using
  4. Springmill

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    you cant land hits on unite players at all.

    trophy fishing isnt great since fishing takes a long time.

    besides that great ideas
  5. i'm assuming you know how to get up here, but you have around this much space (in the area marked 'behind', you have a 1 block gap to get behind that stone structure to get a bit more space.) you can actually build out into the void, but i just drew the line there bc im lazy[​IMG]
  6. Ok that's large enough, now, how long will it take for me to run into a non if im just fishing there?
  7. 0lts

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    Soaked SOAKED
    theres an infinite water giltch.... i hope u know that
  8. Thats kinda hard to estimate
  9. I'm not going to give up on the Watchdog team yet. I bet they are working as hard as they can to solve this issue because it's their job and they understand that many players are suffering due to an increase in hackers. Additionally, there have seen recent threads and videos that Watchdog is being augmented, so don't lose hope yet! :D
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  10. Or you could just, you know, uh, afk
  11. Afking at spawn requires cheating and it's abismaly slow compared to the other "FREE XP AND GOLD" machines that I know of

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