1. Whenever this comes out (might still take a while tho), please make it so it's actually very hard to achieve. There is literally so many ppl with prestige 4 and it's not even special if you see one. Prestige 5 should be very rare and only the most dedicated players should be able to achieve this.
    My suggestion is that it should atleast require 8k prestige points and cost like 1/1,5 million coins.
    This way people will have something to go for again since rn nothing is actually hard to achieve.
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  2. yes i got pres 4 renegade with like 50 hours lol it is way too easy
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  3. DontStopMeNow

    DontStopMeNow Member

    good luck waiting for another mw update
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  4. wdent3

    wdent3 New Member

  5. FruityBoi

    FruityBoi Active Member

    Regenade has called, it wants its nerf!
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  6. Fake news
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  7. then again the coins take a while
  8. KILL1NG

    KILL1NG Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    8k is too low
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  9. 1k for p2 2.5k for p3 5k for p4 and lower cost
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  10. Very cool!!!
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  11. I also believe that with getting pres 5, there should be an achievement required to unlock them like getting called "Super 'xclass" 18 kills, 18 assists and 18 f k/a, including with the price to get the cosmetic. And a list of other requirements to unlock pres 5

    I.E. To get pres 5 Dread, have;
    - a total of 8k class points
    - 1/1.5 million coins
    - All skins from the Dread selected class
    - Super "Dread achievement
    - All previous prestige
  12. 20,000 prestige points and 2 million coins
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  13. i said atleast 8k, im fine with it being more too
  14. Vyln

    Vyln Active Member

    Jagares JAG
    that update aint coming in the coming 5 years friend
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  15. How about a huge amount of points and maybe less than 2 million coins. Its already going to take a while to get the points why make the grind longer for silly coins like please...Not that I care I'm just going to invest 100 dollars on this dead game and buy it
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  16. he bought boosters
  17. Agree they need to add pres 5 but without achievement
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  18. its going to take 2 year for another update prob
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  19. It should cost more Prestige points, less coins. I have enough points for P3 werewolf... (I haven't used it once since maxing it)but do I have the coins? No.
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  20. a legit player who doesen't buy booster its fking hard to get pres 4 its like 2 million coins for a player who doesent buy boosters it takes like 5 months
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