Did this bless your eyes?

  1. nuke my eyes please

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  2. yes

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  3. no

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  4. season 2 this november?

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  1. its spooktober so guess what time to curse your eyes! ok so just to say yes i know g3rg3 has a dif username or just doesnt exist anymore and i cant seem to find the ogs on @noUInfinity s account so oof there also i need to ping @PostFarmer to show him this dont worry this is more then he allows me to ping him on discord. and we have officaly named this season

    It was a crisp october night and post farmer was walking home from school with g3rg3 and then they took a turn to gr3rg3s house postfarmer and g3rg3 went on the computers and played bed wars with guns because why not after that they layed down and traded pokemon cards because thats what they do and g3rg3 wanted to show post farmer somthing he opened the door to a master bedroom complete with 4 computers and a 5 by 5 feet curved screen tv and a king bed they grinded on hearts of iron 4 kaiserreich mod multiplayer together after a long game of turning the world into a dystopian apoclopyse they layed down together . After watching tv for a few hours it turned 2AM after they finished the first 4 seasons of pokemon and a season of dragon ball z before they fell alseep they K I S S E D and fell asleep. to be countinued.....
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  2. PostFarmer

    PostFarmer Well-Known Member

    I'd rather watch paint dry than read this.
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  3. Why isnt this the most blessed thing ever??
  4. spooky scary posty breaks your spine
  5. spoky scary posty muting you for pinging him on discord
  6. Tat_

    Tat_ Well-Known Member

    My eyes have been blessed
  7. this is big bless time.
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  8. this reminds me of undertale fanfictions
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. PostSorcerer

    PostSorcerer Well-Known Member

    I want 5 minutes of my life back
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  11. I regret everything
  12. senorita

    senorita Well-Known Member

    And then they did the nae nae and said “uwu!” And then some anime man comes in and throws post out a window and kisses g3rg3 tenderly on the lips... then he beats his ass
  13. part 6 today you will regert it even more.
  14. please stop tormenting me i learned my lesson i will never clout chase again spare me of these cursed visions
  15. it is to late the potato gods will curse you in like 20 mins
  16. oh god

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