1. hello, i have a certain mod i want to run on my 1.8.9 version of forge. However, the closest available version is only 1.8. Is there any way to get the mod to run on the 1.8.9 client?
  2. It depends. Is it open source? If so then almost definitely. If not then maybe. If you send a link to it then someone can probably help more.
  3. yes, actually, the mod has an open-source github. It's the mo' bends mod, as i was sort of interested in what it would look like during PVP. the project is open source as far as i can tell, with the github page for it here https://github.com/mobends/MoBends
  4. The main process for porting a mod would be to open the mod in a development environment or text editor, changing the version to 1.8.9, then fixing any imports/references/etc. which have changed between version 1.8 and 1.8.9. If you use an IDE, most will automatically tell you what is invalid and you can determine from there what it needs to be changed to. I cannot do it for you right now though.
  5. actually, after doing a little bit of digging, i managed to find this folder on the github labeled "1.8.9". im not entirely sure what to do with it though, since it doesnt work when loading with it in the forge mods folder. Im assuming it may work if i turned into a .jar file, but im not quite sure how to do that with a folder. heres a mega link to download it if you wanted to take a look. https://mega.nz/#F!x8YnCSLY!pfXJ8Vao7zdIX7Z56LA7JQ
  6. bump, im still hella confused

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