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  1. So my idea is that kits that lvl 7+ You need to unlock a achievement, Just like Quake and the mega walls skin, This way it makes the game less p2w, Also (this is just a other idea) let say I want to buy snowman, I need 5 kits unlock, So Yeah that's the idea! (small thread I know)

    Also before your like "it's to late to do it, it will just make the game not new player friendly anymore" if this ever gets added, There need to be a "New player" mode So people can at least have a level 6/7 kit (You need less then 500 kills to play this mode) So new players don't have to get rekt.
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  2. WhyForum

    WhyForum Well-Known Member

    i can't abuse arcade and my network level ;-;
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  3. No
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  4. Why?
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  5. Becuase getting kits costs enough coins
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  6. I can get 100k in 2 hours ;-;
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  7. Hmm well how nice
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  8. Ducking

    Ducking Well-Known Member

    Cheating IDIOT
    nah. This just makes it harder for new players to play the game. Also, if you add that "new players" mode, that would literally be bhopper central lol.
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  9. Well I have a feeling it might get added either way, it looks like more games being added like that, Also Example lvl 8 requires the 500/1k kill achievement the achievements will be easy
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  10. Sueshe

    Sueshe Well-Known Member

    The new player mode would probably just die since the majority of active bsg players are past 500 kills.

    If we want beginners to have a chance, just give them a 7 or make the lower levels of a kit closer to what it is at 10. Baker literally doesn't get any of the gapples/res pots until 6, and even then it is just 1 res pot no gaps. It also has a wood axe as opposed to an iron sword at 5.

    Also for those saying a free 7 would break the economy, it is already broken lmao
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  11. hhamp1

    hhamp1 Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUTS
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  12. Just giving my opinion, I wont go into details
    @StevenR8 what you're proposing here is a good idea since it adds more challenge when you grind and more prestige to unlock a level X. People won't complain a lot about this "broken economy" with players with like 2k kills and a level X
    (btw I guess those requirements work only for the first X you get?) Now if you want to keep the game fair for new players (Guys don't forget it's already better thanks to the chest buff of the last update), it's still possible to implement those requirements, but

    → balance kits a bit more in order that the gap between a kit lvl 1/lvl 10 be smaller (so new players will still be happy with a level 7)

    → and/or balance chest loot depending on the kit level of the player (if he has a level 1 he'll get a better loot than a X user, I dont remember who got this idea)

    Also we don't need a new mode at all, there's NKM

    Why not let them get a lvl 6/7 during a week only? During this time, if they enjoy BSG and spend time playing it, they'll be able to grind and to afford a good kit of their choice

    And @StevenR8 how do u even grind 100k in 2 hours
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  13. We are trying to encourage new players. Not make the game more difficult for them. You honestly think that 9 year olds will get playing something hard? No. Yes, challenges are good but it's just not the right time to implement this as apperntly BSG is dying. Please remove my disagrees.
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  14. Dont' say i dont wanna encourage new players :
    Secondly, BSG is not "dying" anymore. Of course, the number of players decreased, but now there's still a small solid community with veterans for the most part.
    And yes we want new players (thats why your idea is good) BUT we also want old youtubers/players in general who left BSG to comeback.
    And what were they complaining about? Cleanups, targeting, but also this broken economy with everyone having a X.
    Requirements would solve this problem. ;)
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  15. High level kits aren't suppose to be easy to obtain. Adding requirements will make people actually play the game instead of buying boosters and converting arcade coins. That way, more people will have to play if they want to progress which will theoritcally increase player count.
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  16. Theoretically no. We want to encourage new players. Buying boosters aren't bad as they support the server. Making it easier is actually better for newer player. Theoretically increasing the player count ;).
  17. Back in the day It would take months and months to get a X and you would need about 25k-30k kills but now it's so easy to get it... This is why we should add this or else the p2w will never stop
  18. Read what I said instead of saying the same thing again
  19. I didn't
  20. But P2w supports the server...

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