What do you think of bows in their current state

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  1. They're TERRIBLE

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  2. They're bad

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  3. They're still usable

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  4. The nerf was deserved (wth)

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  1. Bows can no longer crit if you don't fully pull the arrows
    (also my Runaans side arrows seem to not be hitting, but I haven't confirmed that)

    Bows are just hot trash now. They take longer to kill a mob 50 blocks away than grappling the 50 blocks and killing the mob with a sword.
    • A maxed Runaan's now does about 4-6k DPS vs 20-50k on an AotD
    • You can no longer do low-charge shots to hit mobs on tricky spots that require your arrow to make a curve to hit because Aiming is glitchy and aims for the feet of a mob that is on the other side of the wall, making your bow useless in 90% of non-open terrain, specially the crypts
    • A 90% charged Runaan's bow shot using Strong Armor does 600 damage. Literally.
    • You have to hold your bow charged for an extra second to make sure lag won't glitch it and make it not crit
    • Bows slow you even more significantly while shooting now, and only deal actual damage if you exactly 100% charge them

    TL;DR Maxed out Runaans Bow (and literally any other) fails to kill even mobs with 2000 HP efficiently. It's only worth up to 500 HP mobs.

    Bows are just not worth using anymore IMO, cost-benefit Runaan's outside dragon fights (that are bow-only) is terrible. An AotE outdamages a Runaans on a long-distance fight. I've barely used my Runaans today and felt disgusted every time I did.

    Point is this thread is: how many times have you used your Runaan's bow today, and how is the community actually benefiting from that nerf?

    Extra note: It's particularly frustrating how Hypixel can "fix" Sharpness and Superior armor, but can't fix Cleave doing less damage than it should. (edit: they finally did)
    They can nerf Zombie Sword from 20% of your HP to 10%, but can't fix it not healing other players and don't even put the nerf in the patch notes.
    They can "fix" talisman spamming, but can't fix intimidation talisman. (edit: they aso finally did)
    They can nerf bows HEAVILY but can't fix aiming. Seriously?
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  2. jkuzzz

    jkuzzz Active Member

    Always been this way man
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  3. It's pretty discouraging ppl to fight dragon boss now:(
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  4. except we used to be able to do damage with trick shots, like I said
    say a mob is hiding behind a 2-3 block wall 15 blocks away from me, I used to be able to shoot up on low charge, arrow would go above the wall, get near enough the mob to start hoaming *after* the wall and hit and kill the mob
    this and all other variants of this kind of stuff are no longer viable because that kind of shot now does 3-5x less damage, which is just ridiculous and makes aim 5x worse than it already was
    Just takes *even more* skill away from bows and skyblock in general than it already did before
    lemme paint it in case it's needed
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  5. It’s a dumb change, no clue why they did it.
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  6. 6XW


    6XW Well-Known Member

    Vectrex VTREX
    this is such bs, the whole skill gap in dragon fights is when to pull and release the bow
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  7. YLPB

    YLPB Active Member

    try a hurrican bow all the bugs only occur on runaan's
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  8. plz update ur Minions Spreadsheet friend :D
  9. Hurricane bow is way too op right now, and I SHOULD be fixed. If it’s not fixed I don’t know what they the admins are doing.
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  10. (other than the two new minions, I don't have enough info on those*)
  11. (Are you adding a separate column for the Minion Expanders or should that be included in the Fuel?)
  12. I'll probably go lazy mode and make people include the 5% on fuel
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  13. Its Like 1.9 pvp for bows.. Yeah pretty bad change
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  14. dov36

    dov36 Active Member

    This was supposed to be fixed a long time ago and even wrongfully appeared in some patch notes as "fixed".
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  15. But 1.9 pvp was "supposed" to increase the skill cap required
    This just straight up lowers it
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  16. dov36

    dov36 Active Member

    Wait, yesterday I could easily snipe crypt ghouls with an uncharged runaan's and now I can't. Yeah, on second thought this sucks
  17. Bows were broken on release of patch 0.7.2 for some reason, so we tried fixing them and added the crit penalty if bow isn't fully drawn, that apparently wasn't working still.

    It seems like some bows are still dealing the wrong amount of damage, and we'll try to fix them.

    Concerning bow damage in general, the crit change did hurt them too bad, and here is the current list of proposed changes:

    The main goal here is to make bows feel natural, without hurting them much.
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  18. Now it sounds fair, thanks for clarifying as usual
    The only thing is that I think that shots above 50%-70% charge shouldn't have a crit penalty either.
    Having a 30% crit penalty for a 99% charged bow shot sounds awkward, even if it's relative 30%
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  19. As was said above I don’t think there should be a Crit penalty for 99% charged shot. I think the penalty should scale.

    50% reduction for 0-30% charged
    40% reduction for 31-50% charged
    25% for 51-80%
    10% reduction to for 80-90%
    No reduction over 90%
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  20. That looks fine
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