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    ~[Anti Clean]~

    We all hate cleans so how about a anti clean!?!? :eek: Q: what will the anti clean perk do?
    A: when you get a kill you get RES MAX and Weakness MAX for 10 secs so you wont deal any damage same with your enemy! So that means NO CLEAN FOR YOU TODAY *mind blown* but your enemy still can kb u off or push u around but anyway I was thinking this was a good idea because blitz has a lot of cleans and we all know that a lot of us don't like cleans sometimes I feel bad cleaning noobs when they get a kill ;-; but if you guys want more info please tell me in the comments! and sorry for the grammar mistakes! :)
    @mikkot224 @Luca- Thoughts? :D
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  2. RaaVeish

    RaaVeish Active Member

    no bc everyone is cleaning and everyone have the same ammount of chance to do it, look at good players...if they have this ,,anti clean system'' they can win every game with hmm... scout X like me lol exdee
  3. As @RaaVeish said it could be abusable with scout X and it would be OP on Cealum V1 and V2
    This would also need to be a free perk cause it hinders new players from attacking low players after fights.
  4. There are flaws to this working and even if it did it would make games too long.
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  5. I disagree with this cause im 100% sure you clean up people all the time I mean so do all of us and only cause sometimes its you getting cleaned up sometimes its someone else but thats part of the game I mean my kit idea was better then this and it sucked
  6. Im sorry if im being harsh but do you honestly no one ever had this idea? I mean ofc they did its blitz not skywars were smart to realize that we also clean we may not like it but its 75% of the game and the other 25% is kits
  7. galactus

    galactus Well-Known Member

    This would cause a lot of rage...
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  8. Tigers_Are_Pro

    Tigers_Are_Pro Well-Known Member

    Or you can just use the regen kill effect and rod people away?

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