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  1. ----------------------------
    Ender bow

    What will this bow do? Simple its like a bow and a ender pearl
    it only spawns in the last refill
    let say I shot somewhere around the map when the arrow lands it will tp to me to that spot!
    2 uses only!
    If you guys don't know what it does still tell me in the comments if you want me to put more info about the bow!
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  2. Or you can just use an ender pearl like normal...
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  3. but I can use the bow on a person and it will do normal bow damage and it will tp to me there to so its a better ender pearl
  4. ^^
  5. but I can use the bow on a person and it will do normal bow damage and it will tp to me there to so its a better ender pearl
  6. JustCanadian

    JustCanadian Well-Known Member

    That would be pointless...
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  7. LOL no... you can put power on it to, to make it more overpowered :p
  8. Yeah, you could just throw a ender pearl, shoot the person while waiting for it to land, then attack.
  9. Jewelo

    Jewelo Well-Known Member

    Creative, but not a great idea. If it used something valuable for ammo then it might work.
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  10. I personally don't think it is a good idea.
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  11. what if u miss..
  12. Ender pearls for ammo? :p xd
  13. Then that adds the factor of skill into pvp. Pvp shouldn't just be luck, and PS, you could miss with a enderpearl too.
  14. XCVigilante

    XCVigilante Well-Known Member

    Put power on a bow you get 2 uses for. Great idea 10/10

    But... can't you repair it in an anvil and get basically infinite teleports?
  15. Theii

    Theii Well-Known Member

    Creative idea, but I really think that before they add this, they'd choose to fix alot of other technical major issues.
  16. No it shouldn't be pairable because that would be 2 overpowered if you find like 5 ender bows
  17. -420/10
    This is a crappy idea. No Offense. There isnt any skill in using this. You just miss and arrow and you teleport? Thats unfair to a lot of people. Even if u make the ammo epearls, it wouldnt be that useful at the start of the game. Your just making Skywars less serious. Like really, dragons and now ender bows. Heck no
  18. I said in the last refill... and ender bow will require skill if u miss you only got 1 shot
  19. U just changed it to one :p. If its a "Last refill item" whats the point? Most games are done by the 1st refill
  20. Also bows are easy to be accurate with. You must be blind or drunk to mess up a shot like that.

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