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  1. before you read my idea pls do not hate it just a idea
    my idea is all kits has x% to do something like armorer gets x% more gear in chests and scout x% to get more speed pots in chest etc etc this is kinda like a mw idea for blitz.., blitz is getting real real boring we need a idea that can make blitz fun to play! more info coming soon!
    @Luca- @mikkot224 @ISweatFor3CPS THOUGHTS? xD
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  2. Interesting, but don't think this is a smart idea.
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  3. Why? I mean it will have the same x% at all lvls so it will be balance
  4. Because this will make the game more broken.
  5. No the things will be balance like I said we need fun ideas for blitz..
  6. Ok it was just my opinion so :p
  7. :p and troll is a very fun kit it might be the most fun thing about bsg.. xD
  8. No but I give you a creative rating
  9. Way too hard and annoying to have in the game tbh
  10. idk about this
  11. Drink

    Drink Active Member

    Armorer doesn't need more armor lol

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