Have you ever had the thought "omg no way this guy has x amount of kills no way" or anything similar

  1. Yes

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  2. Yes, but it was like when I first started playing

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  3. Yes and I have under 7k kills

    8 vote(s)
  4. No

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  1. I'm honestly curious. I know I don't.

    Edit- I think what I really mean is: "Are you impressed when someone has high stats?"
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  2. Yeah I used to think that people with 30k kills were amazing (I never looked at lbs a few years ago).
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  3. I only notice finals when its like above 20k so I know they're a threat. Once a team of what looked like nons attacked my party when we thought another team was the biggest threat... from the amount of finals it was Manhal_IQ_ and ameeero, and 2 others with above 20k
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  4. t_tild

    t_tild Member

    you never know what stats are legit and what aren't so if you care ur retarded
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  5. Only if they appear to be like a threat in game cause I'm tryna win I can't keep losing to 100K kill players
  6. Back in 2013/2014, absolutely.
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  7. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    Make sure to report them because blitz only has a max of 2 per team :)
  8. Lol ur right, but its the same idea
  9. Mainly in the sense of "Oh, I want to pass that person." or "Hm, I wonder how well they would function as a teammate."
  10. yeah i thought that people might be thinking that.
    that's why the question was a bit more specific :p
  11. I thought Majesticwalrus was the most amazing person in the world. Now I think he is a loser
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  12. I immediately give up all hope on winning the game and drown myself on ktulu
  13. Robin

    Robin Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUTS
    Back in 2013 mainly, I remember seeing MetaMusic ingames and i'd shit my pants, nowadays it doesnt mean much anymore
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  14. Back in the day, Yeah sure but now? Ive seen people with 20k+ kills that does not surpass the skill of the average player, its most about time played now, not skill
  15. What amazes me is seeing someone with those stats and then realize that they're cheating...
  16. Aevr

    Aevr Well-Known Member

    Next Generation BUDDY
    Nowadays stats are just numbers reflected by how much you play the game rather than a determiner of skill given how many cheaters there are nowadays.
  17. you literally team full time with wolfiieee
    Are you good man?
  18. When I started playing blitz back in 2013, I never cared about stats. I had so much fun playing it with my friends, that I couldn’t possibly care about stats.
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  19. Yeah, and?
  20. he's blatantly cheating

    you actually have to be stupid to not realize that

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