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  1. Hello its me! the person that made really bad ideas! anyway I have a other idea that is really bad!

    When your in a blitz lobby you can do /duel <name> (give me ideas to make the command better) Like if I
    do /duel nerdflix, a Message would be sent to nerdflix saying "StevenR8 Challenged you to 1v1 him! Do you accept the Challenge? Yes or No" If nerdflix click Yes, it would sent us to a mini arena! Like a Mini winter, Mini Cealum v2 etc

    I have 2 ideas for what you need to do, it will be a duel that you can choose any kit (there wont be chests) Or a mini blitz survival game (Chests included!)

    All kits level are 1, but they have diff items from the lvl 1 items in the modes, Like knight gives you full gold and a gold sword in duel/arena
    All kits are level 10 but WEAKER. So people wont feel that they grinded X's for nothing.
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  2. nah, this would just make it easier for people to be salty or make fun of people.
  3. _X_Bow_

    _X_Bow_ Well-Known Member

    Why /1v1 instead of /duel?
  4. Okay! I just didn't want new players to get confused "is this blitz or duels? because why is the command duel!?"
  5. _X_Bow_

    _X_Bow_ Well-Known Member

  6. Go to the prototype lobby, and play duels. It's just the same.
  7. Ah
  8. Instead of adding this to bsg I think they should add this to duels. Like a BSG mode and a MW mode maybe :p
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  9. Isn't this prototype duels in a nutshell, except via command?
  10. MehMC

    MehMC Active Member

    Well, it's an okay idea. I would like to be able to 1v1 people, as I do like reking those who challenge me, but wouldn't this command fit better in the arena brawl lobby?
  11. We have this thing called Prototype Lobby who allow you to play duels
  12. MehMC

    MehMC Active Member

    Yeah, true. I was thinking about that when I read this thread. The problem with duels is that you can't challenge your friend if you want to duel them specifically.
  13. How about this? So you're in a bsg game and you want to 1v1 someone but there is someone nearby all you need to do is this command /1v1 bob etc... It would disable people from hitting you with the command and it would only last for like 20 secs. It would prevent people from ks you.
  14. Nope we already have a possible 1v1 game coming out already in PTL
  15. Duels might not become its own gamemode, (it doesn't have a lot of hype, I believe it needs to be green to be added)

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