1. Sooooooooo I was scrolling through my thread, and I saw this gem by

    "It’s a beautiful day outside
    Endermen are singing,
    Watchers are watching,
    On days like these,
    Ender Set users like you...

    Should be burning in HELL"

    so naturally I had to respond with my own little submission:

    Therefore I will conclude with:

    Alexa this is so sad can u write me a haiku about ender armors
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  2. What a lovely day
    Sadly ender noobs exist
    Now it's a bad day
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  3. Dragon sets are strong
    Ender losers want to nerf it
    They are fucking wrong.

    im not good at poetry :/
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  4. Roses are red,
    Wise sets are blue,
    Don't nerf it dude,
    Or it won't be good.
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  5. off topic -10 points

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  6. Nons are screaming
    Scammers are laughing
    Days like theses, kids like you
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  7. Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Add more buffs
    Or I'll sue you

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  8. Ender armor noobs
    Cry a lot when they get scammed
    “Give my items back!”

    there a haiku. Idk how you guys don’t know how to write poems, did you fail your poetry unit?
    Also where is my prize
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  9. congrats sir you win 1 mystery dragon frag party me the next time I'm on to claim your prize
    p.s. make sure you party the correcct carrotman or they will have no idea what you are talking about
    p.p.s lol anyone who has contributed to this post can also claim their free protector i mean mystery fragment :)
  10. Happy bruh moment
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  11. Everything is good
    Superiors every time
    Nons don’t exist
    Oh shoot my alarm
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  12. As a master poet and winner of the official skyblock poem competition. I give this poem an uh oh /10
  13. :D
  14. yea i think he may have beat you out with his prowess at weaving words together into coherent messages.

    Its time for a rap battle....
  15. My family will finally be proud and my dad will come back from the grocery store!
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  16. I made the burning in hell poem thing and he just copied it but nvm I guess
  17. shut up boomer. Your poem gets an ender armor / 10

    Sorry had to do it to ya
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  18. rip sry will redact his name
  19. Lol
  20. Don't sue skyblock,
    Ender armor gave you priority,
    Some men like wise,
    Very wise set,
    Superior statue,
    Bring more noobs,
    You got two frags?
    Pet two horses,
    You don't get superior or perfect,
    Kill Zealots all day,
    This wise set,
    Let's give him nerf!
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