1. before i reach prestige III the big time contract that i can choose have a that you can only do it when you is perstige III+ such as fish a diamond sword and kill players with punch.tgis is imposible to do if you did not unlock prestige so please update this bug quick please
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  2. Once you have a rod, you can fish diamond swords , no prestige perk needed.

    Killing people with punch? If you mean the contract "kill a player with the fist" you just have to be lucky or ask someone to help you, but your fist deals damage (0.5heart/hit)( in 5min you can get a kill easily)
  3. you may think it is easy but it is not unless you have people help.
  4. If it's too hard for you pick another contract, i just point it's not impossible. Ofc once you have kung fu unlocked it's just free.
  5. There are a lot of tough quests but asking a friend can help you do it very easily.
  6. yes but my friends cant help me because every time i asked then they are bountied maybe i should pick another contract.
  7. i am an idiot why i cant think about that!

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