Don't you think Codename_b is a gr8 mod cause he actually cares about housing?

  1. ofc owo

  2. nope, housing sucks

  3. Meh... \_("/)_/

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  1. okay not being a snitch or anything, i saw this player who created this machine, as soon as he toggled it everyone got kicked and i would like to know how this glitch works >:)
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  2. sykese

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    Sounds like it was just a coincidence.
  3. ikr
  4. Ive fount out how now after testing in my house so now i know >:}}}}
  5. don't you dare public shame on Woalfy like that.
  6. oh ok oof i didnt realise owo
  7. edited now owo
  8. Fluffeed

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    send me a screenshot in pms
  9. I suggest you don't make it, It can seriously crash your house
  10. i fount out tho >;3 i dont really want to explain but i wont use it unless i really want to or need to or if i just feel evil
  11. like i said i dont want to spoil it cause i plan on using it when i really want to or if i need to or if admins find out and need to know xd also ill use it if i feel evil
  12. If you've found an exploit please report it to our team at http://hypixel.net/bugs so that we can fix it ASAP and stop it ruining players experience on the network - you'll even earn yourself a cute little bug rating too! Thanks :)
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