1. Do you think the Pig-man Sword is good? Cause, I accidentally pressed q and threw out my FULLY ENCHANTED FANG, I was very grumpy. But is a Pig-Man sword better than a fang? Or no?
    Cause I COULD just get another fang, I just wanted to see if a Pig-Man sword would be better. :)
  2. If you refer to silver fang.
    Silverfang cost 1-2k
    PIGMAN SWORD COST 10-11mil
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  3. Silver fang is 100 damage and uncommon weapon, and pigman sword is over 200 damage with strength and crit, its also legendary. So which one is better to you?
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  4. Witch one is better, or does more damage?
  5. I dunno. I just wanted to ask, cause I could maybe make a Pig-man sword in not too long... But...
  6. Ok i can deal 4k with silver fanf and deal 34k with aotd and pigman is about aotd. so yes it’s cost 10^4x more than silverfanf
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  7. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Pigman sword is so much better lol
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  8. Obviously the pigman, the fang is just for early or early-mid players
  9. It give more 2x dmg than silver fang
    It give inf x more str than silverfanf
    it give inf x more crit dmg than silver fang
    but u still should get silverfang cuz u cant afford pigman
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  10. Ok, thanks for the help.
  11. You r comparing the 3rd best sword in the game with 4th worst non-vanilla sword in the game
  12. dont make a pigman, they are more expensive than a sword thats literally better
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  13. Ok...?
  14. He’s referring to aspect of the dragon
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  15. AOTD is better and takes a lot less grinding to get.
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  16. EmoBi

    EmoBi Member

    Obviously y'all trippin, AOTJ is clearly the best sword smh
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  17. wolfu

    wolfu Active Member

    Blight BLIGHT
    Im about 2/3rd into making a pigman sword rn. I would say to not go for it if you want a good weapon. Ive literally spent weeks and the only reason im not quitting is because of all the time i have invested into getting all the pork. Also, if you just have a silver fang, i would maybe go for an aspect of the end first before you either go for pigman or aotd.
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