1. Alright here's the actual tier list from my point of view for Phoenix
    (This is made based off what classes are paired best when playing with a phoenix, not a tier list based off normal classes on their own.)

    Keep in mind I made this from a group fighting perspective

    just my opinion, generally take everything with a grain of salt.
    all in all, phoenix helps EVERYTHING live longer.

    Golem, Werewolf (Mainly tanks with AOE)
    Golem paired with a healer giving it speed pretty much makes golem unstoppable, you can really push a lot of teams with a golem and a phoenix, provided that the people you're up against don't go after the phoenix (mostly what happens to me nowadays lol)
    Werewolf and a phoenix just means infinite healing, a good werewolf paired with a phoenix can usually push an entire team like golem can, just means more survivability because of Werewolf's ability and it's resistance passive.

    Zombie, Pigman
    Zombie would be S tier if it had anything that did aoe damage to help in group fights, but it can only do so much with a phoenix. It rises up to S tier if it's paired with let's say any of the other S tiers or with any other class that does AOE.
    Pigman has an AOE ability that gives itself resistance and regeneration, a phoenix just makes it more tanky. A little better than a zombie, and also has the potential to be S tier if you have a good team composition
    The S and A tier just cover all of the tanks (I don't consider squid a tank)

    Now for everything else
    Dread, Creeper, Shaman, Squid, Arcanist
    Healing a Dread gives them enough time to at least kill one person to chain strength, then it's over from there
    Creeper has a massive damage output but dies really quickly, phoenix slows the rate they die
    Shaman has an AOE tornado, good for group fights
    Squid has a lot of self healing and basically turns into a tank in alot v 1s with a phoenix
    Arcanist does a lot of damage in a short time too, so letting it live longer just means more damage. + the beam is aoe (I think) too.

    Honestly getting lazy after this point
    Moleman, Spider
    Moleman because dig, and dig is fun
    Healing a Spider just means more chances to dropshock, and a speedy spider dropshocking without losing health is pretty scary

    Hunter, Herobrine
    Hunter has more melee damage than a Skeleton or a blaze and has no form of healing at all, so a phoenix would help with that
    Herobrine would be F tier since even a phoenix can't outheal the amount of damage it takes. The only reason it's in D tier is because of it's potential to be really good with a phoenix similar to dread, survive long enough to chain strength and steamroll people

    Phoenix, Blaze, Skeleton, Enderman
    Phoenix on phoenix is obviously the greatest combo of all time, have you seen when you have a party of 4 phoenixes constantly healing each other it's like god mode! (sarcasm)
    Blaze, a bow class that dies really fast too, not really suited well for a phoenix
    Skeleton is another bow class that is all about kiting people, does not help when a phoenix tries to shoot a skeleton that's constantly running away and strafing
    Enderman would be higher up ONLY if the enderman speed 3 from teleport overrides the speed from cleansing flames after being shot from a phoenix. However, it is a 1v1 class so would not help in group fights at all either.

    I don't really have any experience of playing with good pirates other than @Pedrok when we played like one game of it, so I have no idea where it falls. Probably under B tier since it's a 1v1 kit as well.
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  2. We're all trash!1!
    I appreciate the effort in this list. ._.
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  3. feet

    feet Active Member

    then y do i have to carry you every game
  4. @PixelHoonter i threw this together in 5 seconds, if you actually want me to give reasons why and an actual tier list i'll do that later in an edit
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  5. BurnItAllDown

    BurnItAllDown Well-Known Member

    Hunter can beat pheonix easily and it doesn't need to be carried every game
  6. Pumblechook

    Pumblechook Well-Known Member


    This has to be the worst list I've ever seen.
    Endy and blaze are 2 of the best, hunter is pretty good and skeleton is balanced.
  7. He didn't mention something along the lines of that?
    I'd gladly like to know which classes Phoenix benefit the most from and why...
    Again, and I'm pretty sure this here is a list stating which classes pairs well with Phoenix, I may be wrong though, it's just what it looks like to me.
  8. Pig is not classified as a Tank, Squid is however.
  9. b3st lst evar
  10. #12
  11. Did you actually put Phoenix in the F tier. Get outta here before I slap the retard off of you boy
  12. @Jimbo12902 i can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but if you're not, this is a tier list based off classes that go well with a phoenix. phoenix on phoenix does not work effectively.
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  13. Yes I know and it literally does not matter. With infinite healing anything is good
  14. _Ad3n

    _Ad3n Active Member

    mw is ded OFFICER
    Too bad almost no one plays Phoenix because your team screws you over 99% of the time
  15. iSmash

    iSmash Well-Known Member

    Abstract GUILDMASTER
  16. Rico

    Rico Well-Known Member

    Applebees GUILDMASTER
    @N0bodyEpic Me and @TheCrazyCroco do a Phoenix / Pirate combo. Pirate can win 2v1s easily because of the amount of cannonballs gotten off. Definitely an A/A+ tier.
  17. MicrowavedFood

    MicrowavedFood Well-Known Member

    I think wolf & pigman should switch places, of the best things about phx is the fact its able to prevent cleanups, wolf already does this in some way due to devour. Also dread should be a, this is cause of the reasons you said, a bit of a bulk increase can lead to strength and entire teams dismantled
  18. eh i'll re-evaluate them sometime next week when I have more time, thanks for the input

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