1. Überhund!

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  1. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    "*Hypixel Server plans for 2020* We will be doing massive investments towards anti-cheat,
    tools and moderation in an effort to combat cheating
    ---------- Simon, A.K.A Hypixel.

    This implies they are developing a new anti-cheat, or at least heavily over-hauling the current system Watchdog. Personally, I think this calls for a new name! But, what?
    "Watchdog 2.0"
    "The Dog"
    that stuff is boring!

    I am proposing a new name:

    The name is a mash-up of two words-
    Overwatch: Watching, all the time; a lot of the time. Ready to hit cheaters in the blink of an eye (also a military tactic where one group covers another with a vehicle_

    Hound: "a dog of a breed used for hunting"
    Personally, I think the name "Overhound", implying a dangerous hunter that is always watching, is much more cool than "Watchdog"

    Also, when you put it in german it becomes..

    It's technically german, but in general, it sounds like some Norse Cerberus or something. Something like this:
    instead of this
    The name Überhund was coined by @UnRanged and this idea is just as much his as mine :)
    Sign the petition to name the new anticheat (or rehauled anticheat) Overhound or
    Überhund instead of something boring like Watchdog 2.0! (or don't i can't control you)

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  2. I agree with Uberhund, it’s a nice and new refreshing name, but also closely resembles Watchdog. It gives that feel of a story being told. Watchdog got too old and has to retire and Uberhund, his successor who was born from within the flames of justice rise to take his spot.

    Edit: Also the edits is because I accidentally pressed reply.
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  3. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    I imagine watchdog as some dog sitting outside your window staring at you.

    Then Overhound (or the german translation I can't type so I have to ctrl c and ctrl v BUT I DON'TW ANNA DO THAT) is kinda just, in your house following you around (and bite you if you're a bad boy)
  4. as a cat, this is mortifying
  5. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    I don't like dogs. I don't get why people spend thousands of dollars on flat-faced, mostly ugly creatures that drool on you, are really loud, and require constant walks and attention. Not to mention, I'm mortally terrified of massive, heavy dogs that try to jump up to you. Even if I probably weigh 2x as much as them at least it's still scary.
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  6. your threads are so creative and original, I like them
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  7. Überhund sounds nice, good job ;)
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  8. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    Thanks :)
  9. JAMtheWither

    JAMtheWither Well-Known Member

    call it the hypixel gastapo
  10. Interesting. Nice thread!

    Gotta love when you do that lol
  11. KiftsBiggestFan99

    KiftsBiggestFan99 Well-Known Member

  12. I am the one who invented this name please credit
    also I think of it as more of what a dog would look like in tf2
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  13. Synfiny

    Synfiny Well-Known Member

    Omygosg I meant to do this
    Sorry :)
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  14. it gives me tf2 medic vibes so yes i like
  15. no problem friend
    EDIT: The number one way to make watchdog better is by improving autoclicker detection; Maybe base autoclicker detection more on player ping?
  16. Notice how there’s no nice doggy side? That’s because he thinks everyone is a hacker

    This is a joke don’t kill me

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