1. Hello, I'm making a quite random thread here, but:

    Look at that.
    If you don't know how the Hype Train works, the block your passengers/conductor rides on is usually the same color as your rank. For example, my Hype Train is a emerald block Hype Train.
    I found a Hype Train hosted by a non-ranked player, and I see DIRT BLOCKS!
    I find this quite disrespectful to non-ranked players, as dirt blocks are one of the most disrespectful blocks to use for a hype train, and also it doesn't even correspond to their rank color!
    Let's get the admins to change it from dirt to stone, shall we? ;)
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  2. Gooood

    Gooood Active Member

    Content CON
    If i could i would like this twice. +1
  3. I steal from the donators and give to the nons
  4. Iron is grey. Nons are grey.

    These are the important things we need.
  5. Revenant123

    Revenant123 Member

    I get it, cuz stone is gray. The only problem is, a nons chat is no longer gray, its transparent, because their chat is on cooldown. Lets change it to an air block

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