We all know that ranked skywars has been a very controversial gamemode especially in the recent seasons. Some people feel like It needs major updates, others like the way it is at the moment, and a minority of people believe that it should be removed altogether. In this post, I am going to be arguing against an update in the game which happened a lot of time ago.

    When Ranked Skywars chat was removed, staff's main argument was that chat was flooded with people being toxic to each other and breaking server rules repeatedly. While this was indeed true, I firmly believe that there are ways around this problem which are more sensible that removing players's ability to talk to each other.

    Here are my main reasons why this update has flaws and should be reverted.

    • "Chat made players be toxic towards each other"
    Again, this was the main reason why chat was removed in the first place. And actually this was true but removing chat neiter eliminated nor reduced the problem of toxicity.

    Firstly, having chat makes a toxic player's life easy as they can just use it to say what they have to say to their opponents. The server's staff thought that removing this ability would make the problem go away. Is this the case? Absolutely not!

    If you have ever played ranked skywars after this update you would realise that the problem of toxicity is still huge! Why is this? You see, after the update people's ability to be toxic conviniently was taken away. This made players who want to be toxic find NEW ways to be toxic which is very impressive and sad at the same time!
    These methods usually include: /msg the player that you want to be toxic towards. A lot of players however, have their messages toggled off and this makes toxic player's job a little harder. If step 1 (/msg) does not work, people usually refer to /f requesting players!. Not a lot of people have their /f requests toggled off so this is usually the most efficient way of being toxic. Players usually accept the /f and then its a toxic player's paradise! They say what they have to say (swearing, hackusating, death threats) and then /f remove you or keep going!. If the friend request does not work, people make /p requests so they are able to get the toxicity out of themselves and even warp you out of the game to THEIR HOUSING to confront you there Amazing isn't it? And last but definately not least, I have also encountered people using SIGNS IN GAME to call you out!! (Yes, SIGNS!)

    Needless to say, this update seems to have caused more trouble than it initially had.

    • Not having chat just feels wrong overall.
    I do not know about you, but personally I have never seen a game that you are not able to communicate with other players. If you look to any Minecraft server, no matter how competitive the game is, people are still able to talk to each other. Why is this important? This clearly shows that maybe it is not the chat's problem that makes ranked toxic? Maybe there are other factors that make players toxic in the first place? *coughs* I will get to that in a minute. Even if you look at other games entirely, all of them have means of communication. I do not see the reason why Hypixel Ranked Skywars in particular is so out of control that needs it removed.

    • Makes players misunderstand other player's intentions
    Using the /f command to be toxic results in people misunderstanding other player's intentions. For example one day I got trapped in a ranked match and I /f the person who trapped me to say "nice trap". What happened? He accepted my /f request copy and pasted "HO*S MAD" around 5 times and then proceeded to /f remove me. You probably understand that i was like "wat"

    How can we eliminate toxicity effectively and having chat at the same time?

    As I mentioned before, there are more factors lying behind why there is toxicity in Ranked. What are these reasons? Well, CHEATING! As you all probably know, there are a lot of cheaters in Ranked which is supposed to be a competitive gamemode! Losing rating to blatan bhoppers, fly hackers, closet cheaters makes people feel frustrated as winning cheaters while being legit is very hard! This, whether we like it or not leads to a lot of toxicity and negative sportsmanship between players. As a result, players are toxic towards cheaters, and even legit players due to anger. And you know what! This could be massively reduced with a so long awaited Watchdog Update! However, it seems to me that it is too much to ask as we haven't had any updates in years!

    Another way of reducing toxicity is more effective punishments! What I mean by this? Make the /chatreport command actually useful! There are actually numerous times that I have chat reported people for saying stuff like "die irl" and "hang yourself" but guess what! None of them have been punished!! Awesome right? Punishing players would make them not be toxic in the future so they can avoid the punishments.


    I would really appreciate it if you read all of this thread and take it seriously. Please let me know of your thoughts on the commends!
    P.S excuse my sarcastic attitude throughout this xD​
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  2. ok green non
  3. Uwu
  4. no
  5. It gets quite a bit toxic. I would recommend keeping it out.
  6. agreed
  7. rurty

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    lmao just don’t accept the friend request it’s that simple
  8. You legend
  9. Are you saying that i should not be sociable? o.o
  10. rurty

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    No I’m saying don’t accept f requests from random people u kill
  11. complaining about watchdog hidden in complaining about ranked chat, smart
  12. When I die in ranked skywars I f add the people to say just gg or gf or nice combo I have opened hands for every friend requests so I accept it all lol
  13. +Indirect complaining about lack of punishments you forgot that xD
  14. That's good, sometimes ppl are not gonna be nice tho xD
  15. You can’t warp them to their housing unless ur like friends lol

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