Should VIP's get at least 1 pet?

Poll closed Apr 30, 2013.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

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  4. Totally no cause there will be lots of pets!

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  1. Hey guys I just made this poll cause I wanted to know what the other people think . Obviously lol that's what a poll is. Anyways! Do you think that's VIP's should at get 1 free pet ? I mean they did pay $25.00 it would be nice to get 1 pet . Ok well thanks for reading guys! PLEASE VOTE ! I wants to know ! :D
  2. Jxman247

    Jxman247 Active Member

    I don't think they should get a pet, I do think they should get something like golden boots though.
  3. Pets are meant to be an extra way to support the server, since we are not doing monthly fees we could run out of funds without pets! Pets saved the day!
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  4. I get it now :D kk see I just wanted to know
  5. Turtles58

    Turtles58 New Member

    I think VIPs should get a pet since... well they are soirta exepnsive, and You know.
    There would still BE other pets to buy, it would just be like a baybie white sheep you can't name,
    which would encourage players to buy VIP AND to buy "name your pet" so that would be good :D
    But, if you don't want to do that, make single serve pets! I know I would buy 1 cow for $5 instead of paying $15 for 3, when I
    only really want one. or you could make them less expensive when baught in packs, encourageing players to buy them.
  6. Yeah i know right :/ but oh well!
  7. ThePizzaHuether

    ThePizzaHuether New Member

    I say VIP should get a pet XD
  8. johnjake999

    johnjake999 Member

    I think VIP has enough bang for the buck. All of the perks on this server could fairly be a monthly fee at it's current price, especially if it includes beta testing maps from such a famous world designer.

    Plus, like Hypixel said, having pets separately earns the server more money to be used for hosting costs. Some people are indifferent to what pet they have, rather they care about just having a pet, no matter the type. If VIP came with a pet, less people would buy pets as an add-on to the current perks. Also, they serve as more of a reason/motivation to donate less for the perks and more of the purpose of simply donating, like the Golem of Appreciation, if they donate $200, it would feel more anonymous compared to walking around with something almost like a symbol for the phrase: "Thank you for your donation".
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  9. ThePizzaHuether

    ThePizzaHuether New Member

    Very True
  10. Jay_Corridor

    Jay_Corridor New Member

    They should have a free pet, but make it like a mini enderdragon that you can't buy in the stores.
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  11. ERMAHGERD! I thinks that's an awesome idea tell that to hypixel ;D
  12. ElvenWolfe

    ElvenWolfe Member

    I don't think it's a good idea.
    That could be backed up by this. Plus, as far as I know, there is no mini-enderdragon, and there's no way to get it without having a custom jar for minecraft which will never happen in this server's history.
  13. Well I know it's not possible but like maybe we could get something that isn't in the store or something . Even if it was a pet block dirt. And yes there is a plugin for that even thow I think hypixel makes his own plugins.
  14. ElvenWolfe

    ElvenWolfe Member

    I agree something to show off physically would be nice. Something along the lines of armor, but, of course, not pets.
  15. Agreed
  16. adding green nametag, should help to stand out even more!
  17. In game? :D or in chat. Btw I'm a Very Important Person
  18. Cause it would be very awesome if we also had it ingame :)
  19. ElvenWolfe

    ElvenWolfe Member


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