1. Does anyone have tips for party games I've been playing them for years but I never get closer to winning then 3rd so tips would help a lot, thanks :)!
  2. Me too. I guess a big part of it is practicing parkour.
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  3. you need to develop an individual strat for each game whether that is something such as lawn mower using f5 and optimizing the amount of grass u mow or pig gladiator where you hide in your cage until the final 2
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  4. This is pretty much what you got to do. It's a little harder to learn the games now though, because the games are random and not split into 3 anymore. Just keep playing, and get comfortable with the games. A lot of being decent too, is having a good understanding of exactly what you need to do.
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  5. Thank you guys for the tips, ill try my best to follow them :)
  6. All you have to do is just memorize good strategies for each game like staying on the ground for as long as possible in the parkour ones and being careful on the pvp ones like frozen floor.
  7. when hitw was in pg3 it was literally a 5 way tie every time
  8. you can add me on discord: Dangadash#7901
    and I'll give you tips for every game
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    what the fuck
  10. I mean it really depends what minigames you're good/bad at. For example, with parkour just practice in the hubs if you think you aren't great at it. If you can do the parkour without one failure you practically got 1st place in that one game.
  11. I know Bakeryyy i suck at them
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    use communism sir ussr mc

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