1. I want to know how many losses I've had in party games. plancke.io only provides wins.
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  2. JetEngines100

    JetEngines100 New Member

  3. I don't believe there's any way to find out how many losses you have unfortunately
  4. Maybe on Sk1er club
  5. I wanna find the very best
    Like no site ever was
    To find more stats in party games is my real test
    To train in party games is my cause
    I will travel across the web
    Searching far and wide.
    party games gotta play 'em all) It's you and me
    I know it's my destiny
    party games Oh, you're my best friend
    In a world we must defend
    party games, gotta play 'em all) A heart so true
    Our courage will pull us through
    You teach me and I'll teach you
    party games! (Gotta play 'em all) Gotta play 'em all
    thats all
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  6. Could you please record yourself singing this
  7. ok:D
    but give me some time to sing it

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