1. Considering most teams now are about 12 players max, a party of 4 discounting the 1-2 useless beginners on your team makes up 40% of your team. 4 good prestiges essentially means a free win.
    I mean maybe I'm just salty because of my SEVENTEEN LOSS STREAK but...

    And for people complaining about my stats - it's because I play fun classes that aren't particularly strong. I'm amazed I do as well as I do considering I use Spider most of the time.
    A now 18 loss streak isn't because of me - I defend every single game and stay alive most of DM. I can't carry my team 18 games in a row
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  2. sykese

    sykese Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Has it become 18 yet? xd
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  3. Ive given up I'm just afking in games, getting 1 kill with eagle eye and hoping for a win
  4. Kind of unfortunate you've gotten 17 losses in a row lol.
    Personally, I'd suggest defending for a game. I find it gives me a break and I can keep my team alive longer instead of relying on others to defend for me. Unless your wither dying fast isn't your problem, then you just have bad luck.
  5. JimblesDaFeesh

    I like how you are mad cause you have the game sense of a gnome
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  6. Bois I defend EVERYGAME and I'm usually one of the last to die. It's just all my teams are terrible/bad luck/enemy parties
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  7. Rest in pieces then my dude. :/
  8. Make some friends then idiot
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  9. Maybe the problem isn't your team but you, just a thought.

    To emphasize my point
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  10. Disliking my post cause I have a point and you don’t agree with it lOl
  11. Get a party :)
  12. Mate step off your high horse, there is no need to call someone an idiot first of all.
    Secondly, he has more friends than you on Hypixel.
    Doesn't that make your point not relevant? :thinking:
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  13. You really took full on offense to that post lmao
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  14. I'm honestly just tired of the forums and toxicity in general dude.
    Almost 5 years watching people insult each other sickens me.
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  15. gnomes at least have enough game sense to scare children off the yard

    this guy gets punted by kids for finals
  16. JimblesDaFeesh

    I wouldn’t even call him a free final. It’s like they are paying me to kill him
  17. just do epic gamer
  18. I have more friends, trust me
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  19. fatboy299

    fatboy299 New Member

    Rico Cheated :mad:
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  20. Rica Shayed

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