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    Hello! Greetings, I am a cake and I uh like to uh.. eat cakes.

    Nonsense out of the way!

    Sorting Levels (this has nothing to do with the Idea)
    Level <I>: Introduction

    Level <II>: New hats.

    Level <III>: New Killstreaks.

    Level <IV>: Cosmetics.

    Level <V>: New modes.

    Level <VI>: Quests & Achievements.

    <I> Introduction
    Recently, I started to love paintball warfare A lot. The game is really fun but its really unfair to new players because of the perks and killstreaks, It can make new players quit because they think they're hacking or its just unfair.

    Paintball Warfare haven't gotten a update for a long time aswell. It would be nice to see new cosmetics, modes to the game.

    This thread will hopefully make paintball active again.

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about New hats!

    <II> New hats
    Adding new hats to the game will spice up the game a bit and more fun.

    This is the format you will be seeing.
    "Coins amount - Name of the hat - How to use it/What it does"

    50,000 Coins - Ball and Chain - You get Slowness 3.

    75,000 Coins - Super Syian - Press shift to get Strong arm and Triple shot for 2 seconds.

    65,000 Coins - Pacman - 1% chance to deflect a snowball from a enemy 10% more the size.

    50,000 Coins - The zombie - 5% When getting killed, you will respawn the same area you got killed.

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about New killstreaks!

    <III> New killstreaks
    Adding new killstreaks to the game will make gameplay more interesting and fun.

    This is the format you will be seeing.
    "Coins amount - Name of the Killstreaks - Price of the Killstreaks in-game - What it does"

    20,000 Coins - Snow fall - 25 Killstreak coins - Once activating, It will sent you up to the sky and you will be able to activate it anywhere on the map just right clicking, once upon right clicking, it will wall hundreds of snowballs!

    25,000 Coins - VIP - 15 Killstreak coins - Once activating, 3 Zombie guards around you will protect you from snowballs, Each Zombie guard will die after being hit 4 times. The zombies will disappear after 15 seconds.

    40,000 Coins - Toxic Snowballs - 25 Killsteak coins - Once activating, Your snowballs will have a green particle once thrown around them, Once upon landing on the ground, the floor will become green and if you step on it, you will take damage very quickly. It will disappear after 10 seconds. Your Toxic Snowballs will last for 20 seconds.

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about Cosmetics!

    <IV> Cosmetics
    Paintball Warfare doesn't have cosmetics, Adding them to the game will make it more fun!

    This is the format you will be seeing.
    "Coins amount - Name of the Cosmetic - What it does"

    Snowball Particles:

    5,000 Coins - Critical sword Particle - When throwing snowballs, It will have a Critical sword Particle.

    5,000 Coins - Splash potion Particle - When throwing snowballs, It will have a Harming splash Particle.

    Death sound effect:
    5,000 Coins - Sheep death sound effect - Upon dying, It will make a Sheep death sound effect.
    Victory dance:
    10,000 Coins - VIP Victory dance - Upon winning, Zombie body guards will spawn around you.

    Snowball Particles:

    10,000 Coins - Slimeball Particle - When throwing snowballs, It will have a Slimeball Particle.
    Death sound effect:
    10,000 Coins - Cow moo death sound effect - Upon dying, It will make a Cow moo death sound effect.
    Victory dance:
    17,250 Coins - Snowball rain Victory dance - Upon winning, Snowballs will rain around you.

    Snowball Particles:

    25,000 Coins - Fire Particle - When throwing snowballs, It will have a Fire Particle.
    Death sound effect:
    25,000 Coins - Wither Death sound effect - Upon dying, It will make a Wither death sound effect.
    Victory dance:
    50,000 Coins - Wither rider Victory dance - Upon winning, You will be able to ride a Wither around the map, Right click to shoot Wither skulls for destruction!

    Snowball Particles:

    100,000 Coins - Hearts Particle - When throwing snowballs, It will have a Heart Particle.

    100,000 Coins - Note Particle - When throwing snowballs, It will have a Note Particle.
    Death sound Particles:
    100,000 Coins - Dragon Death sound effect - Upon dying, It will make a Dragon death sound effect.
    Victory dance:
    100,000 Coins - Dragon rider Victory dance - Upon winning, You will be able to ride a Ender Dragon around the map, Move around just like how you walk, Space to move up, Shift to go down. Get ready to cause Destruction!

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about New modes!

    <V> New modes
    Adding New modes to Paintball Warfare will make the game more enjoyable and interesting!

    This is the format you will be seeing.
    "Mode name - Gameplay"

    Classic mode - Hats, Killstreaks, Perks will be disabled, This mode is for new players and even veterans! A mode where is fair to everyone! (Someone had a thread and one of their mode ideas was this, I'll give them credit once I find the thread again)

    Color mode - This mode will be based off Splatoon, There will be only one map called "Discolored" The map has no color to it, There is 2 teams, 1 team is placed on the right, The other is placed on the left. Their job is to get as much of the map colored, Enemies can kill other players as well if they stand on a color that isn't matchable for them.

    This is it for this section. Go to the next section to learn about Quests & Achievements!

    <VI> Quests & Achievements
    Adding more Quests and Achievements will spice the game a bit!

    Here you will see Daily Quests and Weekly Quests!
    Coming soon

    Coming soon

    Here you will see Non-tier Achievements and Tier Achievements!
    Coming soon

    Coming soon

    Thank you for reading my thread!

    I'm accepting any feedback/changes/ideas so if you have any in mind, feel free to tell me them in the comments! :D
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  2. - Small changes.
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  4. Kbz


    Kbz Well-Known Member

    The Bloodlust BLOOD
    Those are some very creative kill streaks :D! (That banner I made is going cost you. jk!) I know as of the time I am posting this comment, you have yet to complete the achievements/quests part. However, since you have posed some interesting ideas such as new modes, it would only seem logical to have achievements based off those! For instance, you could have a quest where you have to win Color Mode X number of times. Just my two cents!
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  5. lopen

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    CowSquad COWSQD
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  6. Ppl make suggestions with new modes/hats/perk/killstreaks since pb is released.

    Nothing got added.

    Now pb is in classic lobby and are ignored even more(don't call the bugfix that happen those times, they're just jokes compared to how long ppl waited and how much effort they put in their suggestions to make the game better), so they'll prolly never add any new content anymore.

    I'm like you, I want to give ideas to help those games, I even post them when I obviously know that it will not change anything, and once I pressed "post thread" I realise that I just wasted my time.
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  7. Cool ideas!
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  8. I wanted to quit making ideas a while ago because I know nothing will get added because staff don't care. (sure they are accepting some bedwars ideas but what about ideas that's been out for years and a lot of people loved them?)

    I just can't stop making ideas and I just enjoy making ideas.

    And who knows, Maybe staff will suddenly change and actually start adding ideas now. (Unlikely)
  9. Thanks! :D, I don't have money!! D:

    Thanks for the achievement idea.
    Okay! I can't wait to see! :D
    Thanks! :D
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  10. Some of the hats are kind of confusing. Probably just me.
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  11. I'll add more information if more people find it confusing.
  12. Lol, might wanna try that again...
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  13. now his in game ign is starting to make me think its his forum ign as well ;-;
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  14. _nurd

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  15. How would this contribute? The Troll hat is fine as the only no-gimmick hat that is just for fun. If it gave slowness to enemy players who are very close to you and you press & hold SHIFT for a few seconds, then you have something cool for a risk/reward hat!

    Unless this is a once per-game hat, then there needs to be a long cooldown and only last for one second. A hat that temporarily gives you two kill streaks for free needs some restraint.

    This can be something interesting as a sneaky passive RNG perk but I don't quite understand what you mean by size? Perhaps make it 5% to make it somewhat worth while for the coins spent.

    Already have a killstreak (enderpearl) that does this but consistently with killcoins. Although, I actually wouldn't mind something of this caliber for a hat with the right values.

    You mean rain snowballs, right?
    It sounds cool but the nuke is objectively better as it is quick and doesn't fail if enemies are hiding behind cover. Plus, I'd like to see everyone's computer being able to handle literally hundreds of snowballs at once on their screens.

    Forcefield is a thing already but it costs 50 killcoins for pure invincibility for a short time. A cheaper and less effective form of defense would be a great addition! Heck, I think four zombie shields that can tank several hits (5-15) but disappear on a timer would be worth the killcoins!

    I really like the concept but not the execution. I feel it would be better if it was a limited amount of Toxic Snowballs rather than being able to spam them with the triple shot active as well and literally covering the map. Just be given a semi-large supply (at least 64) and not get lost upon a timer and have the toxic area per snowball be at least 2x2x2, be able to kill players who step in it within seconds (but enough to be able to escape if it is a small area), and last for at least five seconds.


    I feel that would deserve its own game, but it would increase paintball traffic if it does get added.

    That's all folks!
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  16. Gonna make a real reply in a bit, I GOTTA PLAY HIDE AND SEEK FIRST!!
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