1. This youtuber was in a game and hes P4 spider has P3 enderman skin and P3 spider skin from what ive seen and he has 50 games played is there just some secret way to get 2000 prestige points in 50 matches that I'm not aware of? (also his stats are kinda bad and shark isn't even tracked on plancke ???? https://plancke.io/hypixel/player/stats/SpeedSilver#MW
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  2. sharlie

    sharlie Well-Known Member

    youtubers get p4 for free
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  3. okay subscribe to my channel so I don't have to do any work which takes everyone several months of grinding to even get 1 prestige 4
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  4. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    Gods Of Divinity GODS
    He gets P4 for free for having YT rank
  5. yes thats sum bullshit right there though
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  6. I agree. There was a random YT in my game that I've never heard of and I was like they will get what people get if they go random during mythic games, just Prestige 1. I was wrong when I saw that he had p4 and I was so salty because I took around 2-3 months to grind from just p3-p4 and they get it for free. They should honestly change it to just prestige 1 classes for YT
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  7. It’s unfair for them as well as they don’t get any appreciation for any possible grinding or skill within the game through skins or tags etc as a lot of players recognise these to have some relevance to skill or effort. As well as this they don’t get the chance to actually grind for a p3/p4 and feel rewarded or proud over it, (whether this’ll change with p5s? idk). I suppose this isn’t the case for majority of YTs as very few have any actual stats in this game.
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  8. sharlie

    sharlie Well-Known Member

    bruh i can get enough points for p4 in like a few weeks it's just the coins that hurt
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  9. Just play arcade and you will easily get the coins.
  10. Once found by boy EthanGamerTV sitting in a game with p4 dread
  11. A few weeks =/= 50 games total
  12. Does mean when prestige 5 comes out they get a head start because they didn’t need to spend money on prestige 4 and below (assuming they don’t also get P5 for free)
  13. sharlie

    sharlie Well-Known Member

    my macbook air can barely run arcade games
  14. Palutena

    Palutena Well-Known Member

    first off, if it takes you several months you're doing something very wrong.

    secondly, if they were to record content for the game, this allows them to do it much more easily and without having stress over it. it doesn't affect you, so why do you care?
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  15. Maybe they had to work 2 years for that yt rank compared to those 2-3 months you worked
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  16. I looked them up on YT after and they play csgo...
  17. 2-3 months x 24 classes that they get for free
  18. Loblocks2

    Loblocks2 Well-Known Member

    Scandalous SCAND
    YouTubers also get either 7x or 9x coin multiplier.
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  19. I wish I was tubeyouber

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