1. For example /play blitz_solo_normal
    this is to join a game faster it doesn't give anyone a competitive advantage, so i was just wondering if this was allowed.
  2. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    It's technically not allowed but they won't catch you
  3. Heya!

    You can find a list of our allowed modifications at hypixel.net/allowed-mods . If a mod is not listed here, it has not been deemed allowed. We do not recommend using any mods not listed to prevent your risk of being banned due to blacklisted modifications.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to start a private conversation with me.
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  4. I usually just copy paste instead of using macros, since WD won't ban you for that.
  5. copy pasting becomes annoying when you are using more than 1 command
  6. Mist_

    Mist_ Active Member

    DoorNation DOOR
    I wouldn't use that. But autogg and autotip are allowed, both of which are chat macros.
  7. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Autotip exists
    Autogg exists
    Quickplay exists

    I reported a youtuber doing it and the report got denied so..
  8. dnomyaR

    dnomyaR Well-Known Member

    IfOnly I
    another police... sigh.
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  9. Imma say anything related to Macro will trigger Watchdog and I don’t recommend it. Auto command, gg and stuff is kind of a grey area as people got Ban in the past for using it and didn’t get Ban for using it. Idk, I won’t recommend it because it’s not worth the risk. Just copy paste. I don’t see how Macro would let you have more than 1 command anyway
  10. Please name 1 person that got banned for any of those mods

    Also macros can let you have more than 1 command because you can make more than 1 macro, while copy paste only keeps the most recent thing you copied
  11. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Is that a riddle?
  12. Cant cuz that’ll be public shaming.

    But regardless assuming it’s not bannable, just saying that it could trigger Watchdog but it probably won’t. But, idk, people claimed that they were banned for using Autogg but idk if they are just lying so it’s a grey area for me. But if many people said it’s allowed, then you are putting your trust in the community instead of the officials. Just saying
  13. Also according to the rules, anything that automates gameplay is “strictly disallowed”

  14. Smh someone is asking a question and the helper just links a link to the massive list of allowed modifications. Just say whether or not it's allowed. I agree that they do this cuz then the player will have to read all allowed mods and not a accidentally use a blacklisted mod but still just give the answer.
    If there is any better reason for why they do this, please take the time to explain it to me.
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  15. iTinn

    iTinn Active Member

    HyperLeague HYPER
    Theres a mod called Quickplay which is made by a hypixel mod and it allows you to bind play commands
  16. Yeah well that’s how helpers help these days.
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  17. Get the quick play mod v2. Refraction showcased it. You can bind a key (ex: b) to play solo blitz and when you hit b you are immediately put into a solo blitz game no matter where u r
  18. briqhtsegirl

    briqhtsegirl Active Member

    Isn't quickplay made by bugfroggy? (a moderator) So shouldn't that make it allowed?
  19. That's exactly what a keyboard macro would do and doesn't require installing anything
  20. Yea.. except its bannable to have a macro. You can pick just dont complain on the forums that u got banned

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