1. G_rips

    G_rips Active Member

    So I see that along with Dragonstar you've brought Orchestra back. I like the map, it's col and all, but the islands are quite close together. The middle island is very easily accessible and so are player islands.
    Could we put more space between them?
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  2. No, that ruins rushing
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  3. sotp being a rusher
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  4. Kind of good that the islands are close together, it makes rushing more of a challenge if confronted with another player.
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  5. Tip


    Tip Well-Known Member

    It used to be like that and they fixed it, I love it the way it is. I like both speedway and lighthouse, and it is kinda a combo between the two. Also just re queue if you don’t wanna play it
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  6. Und3r

    Und3r Well-Known Member

    If you don't rush then how in the world do you have iron prestige
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  7. u'd be surprised by the number of people who afk capture.
  8. Because I rush the rushers
    Also I supprot Bed Wars being a game where you have to collect resources and not destroy beds within the first 2 minutes
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  10. Think about it this way. In an actual orchestra, the musicians are seated close together, are they not? If each team is a musician, then it makes sense that they are near to each other.
  11. Camping bruh
  12. MasterDogee

    MasterDogee Well-Known Member

    no lol we don't need it to get removed again and wait 6 months
    also lighthouse is like this too, guess what? it aint removed
  13. I disagree. I think these maps are perfect for rushing.
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  14. Only thing we should do is increase the space between the diamond gen rush to 48 blocks.
  15. I both agree and disagree.
  16. It would make it almost like lighthouse if the rush from your base to the diamond gen neighbor was in the 40 range and 20.

    The map already has easy access to middle, so I don't think this change would hurt.
  17. So should we also remove lighthouse, hollow and crypt? Close islands aren't bad.
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  18. I see where you're coming from, but I think having to defend your base from three sides makes for more skill-based game play. Orchestra has the possibility for faster wins than Lighthouse, but with that comes a higher risk of losing the bed. I think that's a fair trade.
  19. Dragonstar has islands very close together too, and I think that is OK. Less time wasted bridging.
  20. I don't like dragonstar because many players don't know who their "neighbor" is so you'll either get rushed by 2 teams at once or get rushed while rushing someone else.
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