1. Wall of Gaia again since Ring o' fire might kill me
  2. Y'all must be in a different timezone then me.
  3. Hungurr uses Wall of Gaia!
    Hungurr recieves a 6 HP Barrier.

    Jinji suffers 5 Burn Damage!
    Jinji is defeated!

    Jinji's Illusionist triggers!
    Hungurr suffers 5 Damage!

    Adventurer Statistics:
    Hungurr: [1/15 HP] [5HP]
    [3/10 Mana]

    The rest of the adventurers are not participating in this battle!

    Enemy Statistics:
    Jinji : So dead that he will never be alive

    Entering Forest, Level 3

    Hungurr gained some loot!

    8 Silver Coins
    15 EXP
    1 Gold Coin
    1 Common Fusion Stone (Which can only be used on common spells) (50%)
    +5/5 HP OR 1 Rainbow Fusion Stone (Can be used on all spells) (100%)

    Travelling Trader:
    So ye survived Jinji? Nice on' mate! The stocks be replenishe'!

    Spell Scroll:
    Shadow Strike

    [Rare, Shadow Elemental, Level 1]
    5 Mana to Wield
    Drain 3 HP from a select enemy unit.
    5 Silver

    Riddle Sheet
    Buy to reveal the riddle! Gain cool loot if you get it right!
    3 Silver

    Rainbow Fusion Stone
    Can be used on all rarities of spells!
    (30% Chance of Success)
    4 Silver
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  4. Remember, do /battle to start!

    6 Players: We need at least 2 people to do /battle to start.
    To get loot from a boss, just perform at least 1 move.
  5. Can I shop now?
  6. 1 Rainbow Fusion Stone
    also does shadowstrike do life steal?
  7. I think you can still buy an earthen orb and and a fire orb thing
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  8. Yes, the travelling trader is offering those 3 latest items, and also an Inferno and Earth spell for 3 and 2 silver respectively
    Yes shadowstrike does lifesteal
  9. Buy the shadowstrike rune and replace the boulder
  10. You can either sell or alchemize the boulder spell

    Alchemization allows you to get a fusion stone, whilst selling gives you coins
  11. Alchemization the boulder spell also use the Rainbow Fusion Stone on Ring of fire
  12. Currently you are only level 2: The ring of fire cannot exceed your own level.
    Waste the rainbow fusion stone anyway?
  13. Use it on Wall of Gaia instead
  14. New spell unlocked!

    Shadow Strike
    [Rare, Shadow Elemental, Level 1]\
    5 Mana to cast
    Drain 3 HP from a select enemy unit.
  15. Hungurr upgraded Wall of Gaia!

    Wall of Gaia
    [Rare, Earth Elemental, Level 2]
    4 Mana to wield
    [Put up a barrier of 7 HP.]

    Hungurr Alchemized boulder!
    They got a 40% Common Fusion Stone.
  16. Buy Inferno
  17. Your Inferno Mana Orb yielded....

    Flaming Blitz

    [Rare, Fire Elemental, Level 1]
    2 Mana to wield
    Deal 3 damage and have a 50% chance of gaining another turn!

    Essentially, you can only perform 1 spell a turn. If this procs, you can perform another spell. It can be useful if its really high levelled, so that you do loads of damage and can end with meditate to recharge and continue next turn.
  18. Heres some advice:
    you have common fusion stones
    meditate is a common spell
  19. Buy Earth spell

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