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  1. Hello, So lately I've been wanting to change my cape because I'm sick of my old one. But, last time I changed my cape, I couldn't login and had to email Mojang my Transaction ID and get my account back because I couldn't login. Should I change my cape again? Is OptiFine safe again or no? Thanks, topview
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  2. Optifine doesnt hack accounts i think ;3
  3. its hacked me b4
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  4. Make sure you are using the correct Optifine website, the real one won’t hack you.
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  5. official website link? ty
  6. gridrose

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  7. dogo

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    optifine itself doesn't hack you but as far as I'm aware you have to make your optifine account and if there is user database leak people who put their mc passwords as optifine passwords can get hacked and people who put their mc mails as optifine mails can get hacked

    you get the idea
  8. yeah so i shouldn't change? because of hackers on their website?
  9. dogo

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    If you hAve OF password the same as mc one change it asap

    you can also change mc one
    I mean never too much safety
  10. jesseplays

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    Ive used optifine before, and i never had problems with it before.
  11. Optifine do not hack accounts, I know exactly what you're talking about because it has happened to twice. When you log into Optifine's cape change page they log into your account to confirm you're the cape owner. Mojang see this as your account being logged in from a different location and they lock it due to "suspicious activity". Logging in and out on optifine's site multiple times in a short amount of time is a common cause of account locking, to be safe I would stick to only changing your cape design once every 12 hours at most, if you want to be 100% secure.
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  12. how long do I have to wait before i can login because they "un-lock" again? or do they send an email?
  13. No, it just automatically is freed. If you keep logging in without success, Mojang will just temporarily blacklist your IP for 24 hours.
  14. but, if it's automatically freed why does it log me out??
  15. Then someone else logged in from another place.
  16. so people at optifine take your accounts? wtf
  17. No.. like I said before when you log into optifine's capechange page their system logs into your account for a split second to confirm you own the cape, that is what causes the account lock.
  18. can we do a screenshare on discord for proof? if so add me topview#1057
    because i'm kind of paranoid
  19. Optifine is the most popular minecraft mod ever made, they don't hack accounts.
  20. p0pturt

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    Iota IOTA
    probs a fake website

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