1. I tried this new event mode we all know as Solo Brawl. From playing these games its pretty obvious the two major problems. Cleaning and Hackers. From me playing this. I can see myself enjoying this for a bit of time. Possibly playing this gamemode sometimes then go back to playing teams or something. In all case i enjoy this gamemode.
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  2. this game mode makes solo uhc have 0 people. but the thing is, it's better than team brawl since that takes out both team and solo mode lol
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  3. "hackers and cleaning" solouhc.exe
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  4. I don't know why they're so persistent on keeping brawl. It clearly only got players because of the coin boost
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  5. Brawl is imo one of the worst game modes hypixel has put out. Here's my opinion on what the gamemode is about
    40% cleaning
    40% targeting
    10% cheating
    5% skill
    5% bow spammed
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  6. Honestly, i dont mind the gamemode.
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  7. I feel like you are either missing informations, or being a little bit dishonest :p

    We removed the x3 coins on the 3rd, the exact time is showed in this picture:
    As you can see in this picture, the removal of x3 coins didn't change much during the week. It's pretty clear that Brawl's player count was pretty solid during the entire week.
    The previous weeks Solo and Team modes would sometimes struggle to start.
    Brawl would not only start but have close to 111 players every game.

    On this graph you can also see that Friday night after release of Teams Brawl, the global player count of UHC reached 606 players (for the first time in a long time on a Friday night).
    But one week later, at the exact same time, the global player count reached 647.
    Keep in mind this is after Solo release, and without x3 coins.

    To further my point, here are 2 graphs of the 2 weeks, Monday to Thursday. Which are the lowest days of every week.
    As you can see, average player count of UHC was 162.
    Average player count was 255. Without x3 coins.

    Now, I do understand why some veterans don't like the game.
    But if you care about UHC please stop being negative about something so positive for the game.
    This mode is bringing new players to the game, and it has nothing to do with x3 coins.

    Teams of 3 is now back up, Solo Brawl is doing great.
    It will take a bit more time for me to balance things out perfectly but this has to be done.
    The reason why I'm keeping it, is because I care, not the opposite.
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  8. Brawl should honestly be permanent. It should've been a thing since 2016 - it's what Speed UHC should have been in the first place.
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  9. i like the brawl mode itself but i prefer the teams mode over solo
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  11. Aysuh

    Aysuh Well-Known Member

    Offensive OFN
    People play it because it’s a fast placed game, easy to get score with little to no repercussions if you die.
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  12. I understand the points being made but i have one question what will happen to the uhc population when brawl is taken out, will it decrease back to low numbers or will it increase?
  13. Played Brawl the whole week, and didn't even notice they removed the 3x lol
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  14. HellNigel

    HellNigel Member

    Brawl is something that should only come around every now and then. Absolutely should not be permanent. It further promotes hacking and is way too easy to win imo
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  15. Mfw he ignores the fact that every LTM always gets a ton of players, even without coins. I love jayavermans explanation too
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  16. Timbuktu10

    Timbuktu10 Well-Known Member

    no, brawl should be speed uhc not regular
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  17. flamepelt

    flamepelt Well-Known Member

    How long until brawl is removed though
  18. I've played with a lot of people from my guild in this mode, they really enjoy it because now more than ever they have a higher chance of winning and getting kills, my friend got a 4 kill game yesterday and he's a 2star and he almost got his own win in a solo game, you should have seen how happy he was, but of course when I compliment a game mode people hate I get dislike spammed.
    Got 7:1 dislikes to likes
    But I don't care as it's my opinion since the start and still is.
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  19. They should just remove speed UHC and replace it with brawl.

    That way everyone should be happy (except the 4 people who still play speed uhc).
  20. so all except me? :c
    Won 2 speed uhc games yesterday and I'm starting to like my stats there, its honestly so much fun and extremely underrated

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